Are bulky chargers going away?

Techquickie (from Linus Media Group) just released a video that asks the question “Are Bulky Chargers Going Away?”

LMG reached out to anker on an “information collaboration” for this video, so I thought it might interest some of your thoughts.

What do you think- are bulky chargers on the downfall with new thin and lights chargers on the uprise?


Moore’s Law, smaller cheaper faster.

The question is exactly what when.

The video stated the obvious, what we know in general, better is coming sometime, what it didn’t tell us when is a smaller 60W, 85W, 100W charging coming.

Phones and laptops have different issues.

Phone batteries are so small, that a Powercore which can keep it charged twice over is around the $20 level and about the same size as the phone, so you don’t particularly need a dinky phone charger as you just carry your Powercore and the charger which never leaves home doesn’t need to be small.

Laptop batteries are so large, that a Powercore is very bulky to give 1-2 recharges, so you must carry a charger, these are coming down in cost for 60W but not yet particularly in size. Add a dongle hub for peripherals and you easily get to a need for a smaller 85W-100W. When exactly.

The 18W Nano charger can’t really get any smaller in any usefully meaningful way, but 60W-100W have a long way to improve and will benefit us.