Are Anker Cases any good?

I’ve never been able to try an Anker case, since I use a Galaxy S6. I’m wondering, are Anker cases any good? How do they compare to brands like UAG and OtterBox?

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I have an Anker case for my iPhone 6S Plus and love it. The product I have is:

iPhone 6s Plus Case, Anker Ultra Protective Case With Built-in Clear Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6s Plus (5.5 inch) Drop-Tested, Dust Proof Design (Black/Grey)

It’s durable and offers outstanding protection. But then I’m careful with how I handle my gadgets and so haven’t tested its protectiveness to the limit by deliberately dropping it. I’ll take Anker’s assertions for granted that it will offer protection when dropped from a specific height!

What I like about this case as opposed to the various other cases I have had for my various tech products, is that it offers a total enclosure for the phone and unlike other cases I’ve owned, offers a camera/flash cut away that actually allows the flash to work without flooding the aperture with too much light because the cut away isn’t big enough and hinders the flash from working effectively. Clearly, serious thought has gone in to the design of this case.

I also appreciate that the the jack and lightning ports are protected by a plug, this prevents dust and dirt getting in when sitting in your pocket or bag. It also has a protective screen built in to the case, which offers genuine protection for the screen.

I know that when I am looking to protect any future mobile tech I buy I will always look at Anker to see what is available.

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Good Morning America was impressed with the Anker case!

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Wow, very cool!

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I’d love to see them with built-in batteries.

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Anker offers 2 battery cases for the iPhone 6/6s (scroll down)

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I prefer caseology.

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I’ve been using the following case since last Nov, still going strong although is showing a few marks/scuffs on the rear;


Would you recommend the Anker SlimShell if you’re looking for a very durable case, or just a small one?

We can all be hopeful that Anker will begin making cases for other phones besides iPhones. I don’t really see any good reasoning as to why that wouldn’t be the case.

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Interesting. Shame it’s only for one phone and such low capacity though. Still, it’s a start

@joshuad11 can you please try to limit your responses to a single post and/or edit your last post if things were forgot? Thanks.

Yes, I’m sorry. The only reason I made it two is because I thought they were two different, and somewhat unrelated thoughts/questions.

I have not yet use the Anker cases at all, but I do hope that Anker will soon introduce new products onto the iphones’ cases.

They’re not my number one choice, but I’ve had a few in the past for previous phones. They tend to be very well-priced and of good quality for that. I would recommend them but still favour Spigen overall.