[Archived] Weekend Plans

What are we all up to this weekend (Besides lurking and trying to hit a comment with a 6 or 8 in the number) lol

I will be taking my wife out for a nice meal and staying over in Cardiff. We’ve been together 16 years tomorrow and always skip Valentine’s Day in favour for our getting together Anniversary. :couple:

Cardiff (The Capital City of Wales) is where we met, it’s not that far from our house and sits nicely beaten us and my mam. So will drop the kids off and we will be out for some nice food, cocktails and a bit of a boogie :grin:


Haven’t been to Cardiff for years.

I used.to live in abertillery in late 80s n 90s, until the boredom finally got.to me in 92, and that’s probably the last year I went… Can’t think of any other time of going.

I’ve been to Bridgend a couple times since. Once to see my nephew for first time. Second time, I went with my fiance, to.go.to.my nephew’s wedding.

He got.married in that fake haunted castle outside breacon. lol not only was it not haunted, but worse… No bloody phone signal n no WiFi in the rooms… :sob::sob::sob:

My nan lived in Bridgend. Last time I saw her was in 92, and didn’t find out she’d died until 4 years too late.


I can’t think of a fake haunted place up by Brecon.
Was it Craig Y Nos Castle? Madam Patti Theatre?? That’s supposed to be haunted.

I work in cardiff lots for the rugby and other events so will be nice to have a night out for a change and me and the Mrs don’t go out much.


Yeah, that’s the place.

What a rip off… In my opinion.

Most haunted did a session there, not seen tho. They do do packages including a haunted tour, dinner n of course B n B. Google tho, and you can find cheaper than direct.

Unusually, confirming a full hotel for a wedding, cost each person more, hence my comment :arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_heading_up:


My wife’s sister and her husband got married there too. So we stayed there for 2 nights. It is expensive in there for a pint from what can recall but I didn’t have to pay for anything else.


One of my friends just bought a new house for himself and his 3 year old and to fill up the other rooms he got one of our other high school buddies and his kids to move in. So to celebrate our friend we haven’t seen in years is coming into town to have one final guys weekend before he becomes a father (due in about a month). We are doing a dinner at a pub and then going to see Black Panther then out to another bar. Then Saturday we going over to the new house to grill out and drink.


Arrrrr that sounds like a fab weekend.
I’ve moved away from all my school friends and mates and miss having those sorts of get togethers.


Lunar new year…giving out red envelopes and visiting family


I’m meeting with a realtor to look into selling my old house sometime this spring. I’ll also be playing a lot of Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch as there’s a SplatFest event this weekend! I’ll probably meet up with some friends at the local pub at some point this weekend as well.


I am in day 10 of 14 of a long move-a-lot trip involving USA UK and Ireland, 6 beds, 5 flights, 9 trains, in a 30L backpack.

This weekend I am traversing northern England involving a 16 mile walk, Fish & Chips, a Chicken Vindaloo and Beer.

Got my Anker:

  • LC40 as I have some hours of night walking
  • Powerport 5 USB-C for my tablet, phone, etc
  • Powercore 10000, it keeps all my stuff going for any possible long situation
  • Soundbuds Life as working a lot and lots of long flights and trains, and Soundbuds Slim+ for my long walks.
  • Lots of Powerline


  • OnePlus 3T, dual-sim with UK Giffgaff SIM and USA T-Mobile
  • Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus
  • LG Urbane 2 (love UK Contactless pay!)

Two more beds til my home.


I will be working Friday night into saturday, when I get off work my sister and my two nieces will be at my house so I get to see and send time with them before they head back home out of state. Haven’t seen them since last summer so it will be nice.

I also have a lot if cleaning and packing to do since my wife it’s dead serious about moving and if I dont get the ball rolling…well I’m gonna have a rolling pin upside my head


Spending weekend with other half and kids, prob end up in a skate park or going bowling before flying back to Northern Ireland Sunday night.

Congrats on 16 years :clap:t2::clap:t2:



Ski at Great Divide with my kids. ~45 mins from my house, 10 inches of new snow in the last 24 hrs.


I was wondering where you were during all the shenanigans going on for Chinese new year…

Do not have 10ft of snow but does rain and a little snow count?


Good question.:raised_hands:

Is this 18¿ lol

Saturday, will be to the hospital, to get my post operative wound dressing changed, as I do everyday.

Later in the day, I will meet my fiancée after her work, and we’ll go.for a nice coffee (usually CAFFÉ NERO). I’m so regular there, that I have my own mug behind the counter!

Up late, for the fiancée n me (well after 6am). All going well around 09:30-10:00 be a bacon butty on sour dough :bread:… Yummy

Then it’s either a day at home, with a quick.run (nope not run, very leisurely walk (prob even bus)) to the local shop for.milk etc and.possible dinner, or in town for a wander n roast dinner out.

Sunday evening, Jane will help me have a shower, and then she’ll change my dressing… She is such a star :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

Back to normal, monday.


I love getting windows into everyone’s life like this - I’m especially jealous of those of you who are traveling and skiing!

As for me, I don’t have class this coming Monday because of President’s Day, so I’ll take advantage of that and go out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (although the extra day will be almost entirely devoted to studying). College is hard, so I’m excited for any break I can get!

There’s also quite a few sports events this weekend, and since I’m in the marching band, I’ll be going to a few hockey and basketball games to play music and cheer on the team. I really enjoy playing music, so that’s always something to look forward to as well.


You must be knackered @nigelhealy :open_mouth:

Is this a work or pleasure trip? To be honest though. I’d love the opportunity to just get up and go somewhere for 10 days on my own. Hike, relax, enjoy, smile and do the things you can’t do at Home. Enjoy the last few days :thumbsup: