April Fools Prank

Starting new post for April Fools Pranks…

Have seen Anker’s PowerCar already in the day. Came across Google’s Fun stuff now… Snake Game on Maps app for iOS

What other April fool’s pranks and fun have you discovered, share those here :slight_smile:

Let’s have some fun guys and gals!


Can’t wait to see them! I haven’t found any yet…

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There wont be any from Microsoft, they already have some internal memo shared, and splashed across web earlier this week

Ha ha ha! That is awesome, didn’t even see it earlier. Good catch!

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This is cool. Didn’t see this when I opened Google Maps earlier today.

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The window shutters are on backwards

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I didn’t know that! Thanks for sharing!! :clap::clap::clap:

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Cool thanks for sharing :+1:

Swap.com is claiming they have invisibility cloaks :joy:


Lol now I wanna play snake

I am in for one :joy:

Same! I love all the random pranks today! I had my daughter convinced that it had snowed last night. She looked out the window and said, “I thought you said it snowed? Where is it?” I said that it’s all over the streets. That’s why they look so white. She said, “Oh cool! Can I go and play in it?” :man_facepalming: Hahaha!

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Cool, I will check this out later today. Nah, why wait I’ll do it now.


A tech brand I follow, that is similar to anker, but in earlier stages had a great announcement earlier!

Right now they currently have two products, a stationary security camera, and a panning security camera.

Today they released this by popular demand!

But is it a fool’s day prank or actual release. They released the Wyze Sense few days back…

Did you watch the whole video??

Also, the wyze sense isn’t released yet. It’s in preorder :wink:

Yeah I meant pre-order… knowing Wyze they will definitely release it :slight_smile:

The wyze Saran? :joy:

I was only able to get 2 passengers on the Google Mapsini game :weary: I must be an awful driver

Haha, I got like 45 points lol