[April Fool's] Introducing the new Powercore Infinity

Anker today launched the new Powercore Infinity, based on the next generation IQ Zero technology.

Thanks to new nano technology which combined Lithium with Earl Grey tea with a vegetarian Burrito, the new Powercore Infinity will offer 1 MegaWatts of power in the palm of your hand. Support not only QC4 and USB-C Power Delivery up to 100Watts, the new Powercore Infinity includes:

  • a torch offering 1 Mega Lumens. This can be used as a laser to cut through solid walls.
  • Infinite recharge. If you connect the dual input to the dual output the Powercore Infinity will never need recharging
  • Time Machine (tm *) to go forward in time upon request and bring back the future, this is useful for finding tomorrow’s lottery numbers.
  • Wireless charging where you can place in your pocket and it will take 10 years off your age.
  • Invisibility Cloak where you if you need some privacy you plug into the blue port and you have a personal area privavy (pap) zone.
  • Teleport Boost. For the odd times you don’t find enough power, you can move your entire family to any part of the universe.

For a limited time only this is available on Amazon for $0, use discount code 1BEMYGF.

(* not IOS compatible)

Only in our dreams…

Just caught the discount code, clever!!

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Yeah, but no link!!!