Apple's looking to replace the iPhone?

Apple’s looking to replace the iPhone “in roughly a decade,”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Are we moving towards more handsfree environment compared to HUGE displays and bulky phones? is it scary that now everything is exposed as your cameras can see what you can or beyond?? :dark_sunglasses: :eyes:

What is your take on that? Leave your opinion in comments below:


Great topic.

Firstly, those glasses are bloody awful, I wouldn’t wear anything like that. I don’t think they are practical for someone like me, I use my phone lots but for short periods of time. Putting glasses on and off isn’t as convenient as whipping a phone out of my pocket.

Manufactures have spent the last decade squeezing features behind the screens of our phones, and the marketing gurus have done a great job of convincing us we can’t live without it.
Its discrete, convenient, high quality, interactive, quick to respond and works.

I find it hard to see how things will move forward beyond the device as we know it, it’s so ingrained in our lives so I don’t think it will change much. Just like TV’s, they have evolved a lot, but really they haven’t changed at all.

If what we have now is replaced it will be with some kind of wearable tech. Im thinking a watch maybe that projects images and is interactive for data input and bone conducting technology for audio.

Wherever the next step takes us, I’ll be intrigued and watching closely, albeit with a cynical eye.

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People said the same Thing about landline phones. They never thought we would move on. But here we are- almost no one uses them.

I think the world will keep innovating and changing forever. I don’t expect any invention to stay all that long. Even cars are moving to electric. Who knows what will happen with them after that :man_shrugging:

There’s a company in Canada that currently makes glasses with built in computer that looks literally like regular glasses. I can see apple buying the company and switching the computer to a phone interface. Heck I would love it if we went this route since I wear glasses anyway…
and if your wondering, this same company has a ring controller that acts as a mouse and keyboard, which is totally awesome

Name of company and link? I love reading about new technology’s :hugs:

With all that… I still see people going back to laptops… Tablets still cannot make the people quit laptops.

May be with lot of future enhancements and appropriate user interface to these systems, we may see things change, portable / minute devices… Don’t know what else is in-store in future…

If you search hacksmith on YouTube they did a video of where they did a walkthrough of the company

If I wore glasses, I would seriously consider a pair of these.

As of now, it’s not really considered normal to wear glazed recreationally lol. Maybe one day I can get a pair haha

I almost won a pair, I came in second on the contest they had which blows. All I hot was a thanks for entering and basically a haha you came close but didn’t win

Do they have any other contest coming up… would like to apply :grin:

Not that I know of right now. I would enter in a heartbeat again if there was

I would jump in the wagon too, if they run any Beta test events.

I agree the current designs are bulky, not good to consider wearing them, but hey, thats how computers started to be big heavy and now look at them, same with cell phones. One day these glasses may look fancy yet not bulky.

Here is another article talking about this content:

I think its to early to see people leaving phones behind. I can see tablets replacing notebook computers in the next 5 years. Tablets and are getting faster. The new 2-in-1 notebooks are close to being tablets. I just ordered a Dell 2-in-1 for a client and its a professional beast model. When it comes in I get about 2 weeks to load full of the clients software and play with it (I mean test it) to see if it will work for him.

My dad’s an engineer and he said he can do most of his work on a iPad Pro. If his design software worked on the tablet he would use the tablet for almost everything when traveling. But in the office he prefers his 30+ inch wide screen over the tablet.

As to the glasses, if I wore glasses I’d look into a pair.