Apple's lackluster efforts & USB-C

Totally agree. Apple’s cables are horrendous :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t get it. Apples cables are OKAY. They’re not as good as anker or anything, but they’re definitely not bad.

Still better then the amazon basics cables mentioned in that article

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Because Apple’s aim not to be the professional accessory production company. But Anker does.:laughing:


The Apple cable is not good, after a while they need to be taped.

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Many of Apple’s cable issues come from the fact they don’t use PVC in their products. Lack of PVC causes discoloration and faster disintegration. Anker and other cable makers use PVC, hence the difference in the exterior of their cables.

Apple was lobbied by Green Peace to stop using PVC. There are legit concerns with it at the start and end of its lifecycle. A cancer causing bi-product is created along with PVC. And burning PVC or allowing it to break down in a landfill releases more nasties. Recycling isn’t an option. So some groups are calling for a complete ban.

From an environmental stand point the question is which is worst. Fewer Apple cables in landfills with PVC? Or more Apple cables in landfills without PVC? Their lack of PVC use also opened up more of the market to third party makers (like Anker). All of whom do use PVC.


I find Apple cables are fine, they just don’t last as long as Anker cables and at current price point it’s a no brainer to buy Anker over Apple

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I agree with you. In all the years that I’ve had Apple products, I have yet to decapitate mine. BUT!!! On the other hand, I much prefer Anker cables so that’s what I primarily use. The Apple Cables are just backups in an emergency or if one of my friends need one. I’ll stick to Anker cables, thank you very much :wink:


Apple cables have always been junk. Whenever we get new apple product, we toss the cable in the cable junk pile as a (backup) and use an Anker Cable. Even my brother and parents are doing it now.

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I disagree but everyone has their opinion. Their cables are definitely not a premium accessory.

Perhaps they can all find an environmentally friendly material to use in place of PVC. But if you make a quality cable that lasts, less likely it will be thrown away in a garbage dump.


I never use the Apple cables supplied with either of my iPads in the past, and iPad Pro in the present. I leave it unused & wrapped in the retail box. That way, if I sell the tablet in the near future, the cable is brand new and intact.

I prefer Anker cables anyway. They are durable and do the job.

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Yeah, I agree with the general sentiments of this thread. Really, Apple cables are not bad. I have yet to have an Apple lightning cable go bad. But I’ve seen tons of fraying Apple cables in other people’s cars. AND … I’ve actually had an Anker cable go bad. The first Anker lightning cable that I ever bought (2014) died within a year. The cable ripped in the lightning end. IMHO, Anker cables used to be on par with the Apple cables.

HOWEVER. In the past 5 years, Anker cables have improved tremendously while Apple cables have stayed pretty much the same. Why?

P.S. I really like the PowerLine III lightning cables .

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And their hesitation In implementing USB-C on the iPhone is mind boggling as well, although I applaud them adding to the iPad Pro.

Ive had apple cables last for years. Even if the outer sheathing frays it works totally fine. I’ve accidentally yanked out my phone from the cable in my car with an original cable dozens of times to basically no issues. I think people complaining the apple cables are “bad” seem to think those $5 cables on eBay are somehow going to survive whatever nonsense they put it through better? Cuz those cheap cables will literally last only a few months of even light abuse before imploding on itself

My feeling is people are somehow thinking massive abuse of their cables doesn’t actually you know, damaging it?

I mean I think there are good 3rd party cables and the lifetime warranty is nice. But people seem to give apples cables a lot of flack for really no reason. And you definitely don’t want to get cheap garbage USB c cables that potentially can fry your stuff

Also wtf is this article prattling on about. He’s whining a WHITE CABLE is slightly discolored. Not that it’s broken or stopped working but slightly discolored. And while showing the BLACK Anker cable magicslly has no discoloration? Like what kind of “complaint” is this? I mean if you wanna rag on the apple cable this is the best you can come up with after 6 months of usage?

Glad you’re not having issues with their cables, but many have issues and I just stick to Anker’s.

The article explains why it’s Apple’s “worst” product. I actually think Lightning is it’s worst product. It’s slow and proprietary. USB-C is fast and should be universal.