Apple Watch

Thoughts on an portable battery with apple watch charger built into it?


The market for Apple watch users is too small imo

Crying out for one!!

Guess I’m just old fashioned but I prefer a normal watch rather than one that requires updating when software deems its hardware too old…

This is a great idea! It would make traveling with the Apple Watch a lot easier.

I’ve had my gen 1 Apple Watch for awhile now.
It’s handy, not die without it handy though. It’s just nice to see who is calling, messaging, temp, etc without having to pull out phone. I’m also digging Cardiogram app atm.

The best portable watch charger out there right now (in my opinion) is a $25 clam shell option. I’ve tried a ton of them and this one is my fave.
Charges watch and phone and holds extra cables.

I wish Anker would make one, i would be all over it. In the past I just carried my cable and an Anker batt pack.

i’ll buy one