Apple USB C cable and Anker PowerPort Speed + Duo PD port

Hi, will the Apple supplied USB-C cable that came with my iPad Pro charge at high speed with my Powerport Speed + Duo or do I need and Anker cable to achieve this?



If you have an Apple USB-C to lightning cable, it will work exactly the same as an anker version. So in short, yes.

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Many thanks :+1:t3:

Not a USB-C to Lightning cable. The only USB-C cable Apple ships with iPads is USB-C to USB-C.

Still, though, it will work @Simon_H :thumbsup:

Wait, the iPads charge with USB-C.?..? I had no idea… I haven’t followed the iPads in several years :confused:

The latest iPad Pros do, yes.

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Thanks, yes i have the 2018 iPad Pro which is USB-C.

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This will still work as expected, the technology supporting faster charging speeds is in the Powerport Speed device not the cable. Although, it is advisable to use anker cables because of their superior durability!