Apple Music available on Eufy Genie?

Hi all. I’ve just seen this on Hot UK Deals and wondered if this is now working on the Eufy Genie devices. I am not home to check.

I’m in the UK so if anyone is home and can check I’d really appreciate it but others can check to to update your Nation’s folk :blush:


Yes, Apple Music can be played on an Alexa device…

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Thanks @Anjou1888 :smiley:

Have you been sleeping? It’s been VERY quiet in here today :expressionless:

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Haha yes, I got up around an hour ago. No work today!

Oooooh nice. I have about an hour left in work. Then I will be mostly telling Alexa to play music lol


Haha sounds fun. I think that’s what everyone does when they first get an Alexa device :joy:

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Its good to see Apple opening up to competing rival platforms, in US Apple Music came to Amazon Echo family during the week of Dec 17, and now it has arrived in UK. cheers!

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It’s ridiculous how long it takes to get stuff here. Can’t wait for Brexit to be over. Maybe we will be taken seriously then :joy:


EU is getting stricter with privacy and data laws, may be things will improve. :slight_smile:

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He’s talking about Genie, not echo, right?

Yeah, but it doesn’t matter. Apple Music can be played on either…

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Eufy Genie has Alexa assistant, any skill available to Alexa will be available to the device unless Amazon limits it. In this case, Eufy Genie does play the Apple music skill

It turns out this doesn’t work in the UK yet. No 3rd party support for Apple Music.

While I can select Apple Music in the Alexa app as my default music source. The device still tries to play with Amazon music which is very disappointing.

I believe this to be an Amazon issue more than Eufy so need to sit it out long (just like multiroom audio and drop in features).

Defo need to get an Echo instead.

Never really caught on Apple music.
I guess Pandora is enough for me :slight_smile:

We don’t that over here. I just need to bite the bullet and swap to Spotify but my wife and kids like Apple Music. #WomenRule

But why not convert Apple Music to MP3, so that we can put converted Apple Music into any players we like, without DRM, it doesn’t matter if Apple Music isn’t avaiable on Eufy Genie.

That’s not what Apple Music is… it’s a streaming service…