Apple is giving $49 Apple Watches to seniors


Its a a really good propaganda idea.
Soundcore/ANKER should give speakers/earbuds/earphones to those who got old and weak ears, as I have.
I am in that game of course! :joy:

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Iove this idea :+1: @Chiquinho

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Would be a real good scenario!
All in an old people’s home are wearing soundcore earphones.
The music:
I would go for Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing”.

THIS IDEA is not free, its mine! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am about 16 years from getting this or the Anker/Soundcore speaker giveaway in my olf folks home lol

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16 years!
A young fellow indeed! :joy:
But we could create another exclusive club
May be > 50 years old.
NOT old wise men&women.

Since age brings wisdom, I would pull for a name such as not to old but not too wise, yet.


Not only wisdom.
Better some know-how I would say.
I really dont know much,regarding those “new technologies”
But when I see how those work, I know whats the matter.
If you ever have been in that business :
No miracles!

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Oh my ears :sob:
I’ll take a Soundcore rave for $15 please

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Loud noise accelerates hearing loss.

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I am sure, i will have a lot of earphones and speakers when I reach to be Senior :grin:

If at all, there is some loss of hearing… hopefully my Rave Mini will still play a loud blast for me to hear things clearly :rofl::rofl:

I sometimes get worried looking at technological advances… hope this earphones don’t start getting embedded into ear or near the ear :anguished: ( still my favorite was the one shown on Shark Tank :sweat_smile: :man_facepalming: )

:joy: you can tell that dude hates it

This may be one way to treat hearing loss…

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Tell lawrence about this!!! Lol

hahahahahah, abosulutely true!

Implantation of a mobile in the palm!
What about this? :joy:

Ha ha… that would be great… thumb could become ear-piece and small finger becomes the mic (micro phone)…:rofl:. … may happen by 2035

History suggests we will embrace the idea. Initially it is geeks but then becomes cheaper to get medical insurance, some with health concerns want, then it becomes popular.

Technology is always preceeded with fear.


For example during the next couple of months you’ll have people wanting a Coronavirus infected person detector device.

If I really would be such a luddite I would not take part in this forum! :wink: