Apple is asking employees to work from home over coronavirus concerns

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Such a panic.
Drink beer, that keeps your throat clean! :rofl:
Enjoy the Sunday!



I’ll go with whisky too.
More alcohol, more germ killing potential :joy::tumbler_glass::joy:


There is “whisky in the jar” Paul!
Lazy sunday?
Charlie will keep you and your wife in action!

Old Willy decided to work.
So he will not think too much of Mary and Duchess!

“wet dreams” , dangerous for a 11S. :joy::joy::joy:

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Interesting outcomes.

Silicon valley is utterly dependent on the premise of people being in the same physical place. Why would someone spend $1.5M for a home otherwise.

If businesses survive this year’s challenges, then they’ll be asking why do they need to pay the high land, property tax and high salaries of being in a high cost location.

If I had a $1.5M home, I wouldn’t mind working from it once in a while :rofl:

But I agree: it will be interesting to see how property values might be affected.

When I was working for the university were were offered to work at home.
That would have saved me 1.5 hours of subway (there and back)
But I/we did not.
At home : Too many things disturbing you.
And no colleagues to talk with directly about problems regarding work and other things.
All those video chats can not replace any personal contact.
And of course you are not only in contact with your neighbor colleagues.
Many more others to meet by chance and to talk about this and that.

Hey guys.
A bit late to the conversation…
Before our company was bought out in 2018 our old boss would not let us work from home - never trusted us, if we weren’t in the office we weren’t working :man_facepalming:t2:
The new bosses are much more forward thinking and it’s now quite common.
There’s nothing I can do in the office that I can’t do at home.
The flexibility that working from home has brought has improved most of our quality of life, from being able to pick kids up from school, being at home for deliveries and time saved in travel - which also saves on fuel and repairs to company vehicles.
At home in 6 hours I would achieve more work than 8 hours in the office.
Granted, I still attend the office regularly (2-3 days a week) because you can’t beat getting hands on sometimes and connecting with people.



Typically a worker will be more productive if you leave them alone to work how they want.

There are ways to objectively identify slackers, output, etc. If you try to use your own eyes then…


The puzzle with these office closures is when will they end. Take for example UK right now there’s about 240 known with the virus. If you assume you know of about 10% of them (those who caught it from those you didn’t identify and are light symptons) then that means 2400 actually infected. If it expands like in China then it doubles every 6 days so in 30 days (a month) that’s 32x bigger or 38400 infected and not yet immune, which is 0.1% of the population, so even though the infection is growing exponentially, your individual chance of getting is tiny.

But that still means in a month’s time the actual risk of being in the office is 32x bigger than now. So if you return to the office in a month’s time, you spent a month losing any benefit you feel of having an office and just delayed your workforce cross-infecting by 32x more in a month.

So it’s only months in the future does the absolute benefit of closing office becomes meaningful. So all it is now is symbolic or dumb.

So you either need to close the office until natural immunity had climbed (say when 80% exposed and got better) so 9-12 months, or don’t close the office at all.

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That sums it up a treat @professor
Have a great week.

Hmm, ja, thats a certain a kind of view,
But there are a lot of points to discuss about.
Interesting theme!

It really depends on your job.

For me it was OK, when I had to write “papers”.
I could do that in peace at home.

But every programmer evolved in a project is doing better to have a personal contact
with his fellow programmers.
Personal contacts are always much better than to hide in the “lousy cave” :slight_smile:

Enjoy the evening Pau!

Lets face the Apocalypse.
Thousands of corpses spread all over the countries!
Benefit -> Free flats!

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Good, Bad or Ugly bosses, the one thing they all need to stop doing is using this word – “Let us take this offline”, this is a term people often use to ignore or indicate they don’t want to discuss at all.

If at all this is discussed later time, it is mostly what the boss wants to do, but not a constructive one…

Offline things never come online :rofl:

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You forgot this boss prison%20mike

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“take this offline” means they feel either they or you risk saying something best not heard by others. It is thus both a sign of intelligence and fear.

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From what I have been hearing over the years from people (& their bosses) , it is mostly the sign of fear…

thanks for the new perspective of Intelligence, 2 sides of a coin :+1:

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You need 70% alcohol which is not legal in shops in UK.

So you need to make your own. Begins with potatoes and then a small fire… some tubes…

there are tons of sites now floating with DIY ideas to make your own sanitizer … these are more dangerous than the virus itself, if done wrongly :nauseated_face::face_with_thermometer:

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Winners and losing with the work from home. I can only extrapolate so far but:


  • gas stations
  • lunchtime places near offices
  • work clothes shops
  • realtors in expensive places where people like to be near an office, so say Cupertino realtors


  • bicycle shops, people don’t want to take train or buses
  • computers and things, say desks, you may not own to work from home.
  • food shops nearer residential areas
  • the environment, better air quality, less driving
  • realtor in cheaper places as people realise they don’t need to live near Cupertino and just fly in. The sky didn’t fall down as the impact was only about 1% (80% of people off sick for 3 weeks = 1% of lost productivity)