Apple iPhone cables ?!?!

So my mum has claimed that she has never had one of her many iPhone charging leads break (in the last 5 years)and that got me thinking do you really need to spend the extra money on “premium cables” I’ve owned a anker power line usb type cable and have not had the best of experience with because it would not charge my phone properly
My experience with official iPhone cables has been grate so have you had the same?


I have had numerous apple brand cables break over the last 6-7 years. I have had amazing experience with anker cables, which is what really got me interested in their brand.

Have you tried reaching out to anker support for your issues? Depending on the cable, it may have a lifetime warranty. I beleive that lifetime warranty is what makes the purchase of an anker cable worth it. You truly are buying one cable for the rest of your life.


Tbh I sold the cable with my Samsung a5 2017 it worked just thing I hated about it was that the it was really thick

That just gives it more durability. You should try one of the braided ones…

True when I next need a cable I get a anker braided one for sure

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I and my mom had 1 Apple cable break on me (out of 2 I used/have) and my sister and dad still use their cables from iPhone 5 we got some time in late 2015 I think. I would say use the Apple cable until it breaks and then buy Anker. If Apple cables break while your iPhone is still under normal 1 year warranty, you can always get the cable replaced

Mum and dad are dealing more carefully with things.
I know this as an “old dad” :joy:

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Lol what has these Apple cables come to :joy::joy:

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My original iPhone 6s cable is still doing fine. Just hold the cable by the plastic tip, not by the rubber cable part, and they won’t break easily.

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Maybe that’s my mums secret :joy: I treat cables very badly :joy:

In Europe the iPhone guarantee is TWO YEARS. in fact, all handsets sold new in the EU have to give a 2 year warranty/guarantee.


It depends on the user as well.
I myself have never ever has a genuine apple cable fail or split or break on me.
On the contrary, my lovely wifey has at least 2 cables with split ends.
With Anker cables, you just don’t have to pay any extra attention to your use. They just last…

I usually buy them third-party (i.e. Anker), but I have to admit I’ve never broken ANY of the iPhone/iPad/Macbook cables.

You photo didn’t upload properly :wink:

okay will update it later… thanks for the notice :smile:

Exactly. I got an Anker Powerline+II for my mother, and it ended up being closed in a car door and bent at an odd angle. It still worked great, but I contacted support anyway-- They sent me a new cable for my mother, and she even got to keep the old one! Best support ever.

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I work in a school where we have checkout ipads and stuff. I’ve seen plenty of cables bite the dust. Also, I am located in the library and students have busted up apple cables all the time. You should see some of the stuff that winds up in lost and found. legitimate fire hazards :fearful:

Let’s see I’ve had the unfortunate death of three Apple cables four amazon cables for my iPad and iPod and then I went through two Samsung charging cables of which one of them melted a crayon on my desk so yeah. Sure not every Anker cable is perfect I’ve had issues with probably one maybe two of the bunch I own but the customer service took care of it right away so it was definitely worth the extra couple dollars for the quality and customer serivce

You should take a photo of those lost and found and given up cables.
This might be interesting for necrophiliacs :joy:

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Used the cable that came with my iPhone 6 up until I got an Anker usb c to lighting cable. It’s been in my pocket, backpack, luggage all across the globe. It still works too.

Not sure what others do to their cable to make them break.