Apple iPad Pro (2018) strength

Just seen the latest video from JerryRigEverything and was literally astounded as to how the new iPad Pro bent and crumbled with the greatest of ease.

Apple are charging £769 for a product that appears to have zero structural strength and crumbles like a biscuit. I’ll link the video below if anyone wants a gander.


And the fellow who is doing his “work”, doesnt seem to be old Arnold Schwarzenegger. :joy:


Yes saw that and mentioned it in another thread.

For me is not the problem a thing is easily broken, but a thing this expensive is so easily broken.

Apple fans are often shown to put brand above benefits.

I do own tablets, the last one cost me $270 a little over a year ago and prior to that $599 2.5yr ago. Both still working fine. The former bent also too easy but I straightened it back and works still, the latter has had some bad falls and bending opportunities but works as new.

I have a different advice, do not buy something expensive if it is not a PC as in a tower way off the side with a keyboard and mouse you can replace. If it is with you in situations which encounter liquids or is portable, just buy something as close to $0 as possible.

I still keep a $89 tablet with me, I repaired twice, now 5 years old, it is used whenever damage is possible.

Typed on a $330 Chromebook repaired once.


It certainly looks like you’re paying a steep price (no pun intended) for something to look that thin.

When he said careful grandma don’t sit on it by accident I couldn’t help but burst out laughing :joy:

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A bit of a deja vu moment a la the iPhone ‘your holding it wrong’ antenna issue…

Not certain about anyone else but if I was to put down $1000+ on an iPad I would not be happy with this statement…at all :astonished:

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Apple is Apple!
All is normal.
They can do what they want, the have their “fans” :sunglasses:

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