Apple event September 2019

Getting close to that time of year folks. Anyone excited about potential new releases?? - there’s been quite a lot of leaks recently but as always not all are true.

I myself am locked into contract and don’t think I will be upgrading early, and can wait another year.


Not really, I will probably wait for the next one. Still paying my current phone. Apple does not get it, its keeps doing small improvements instead of going for big improvements at once that will make people wanted to upgrade their phone. So far I been skipping one or 2 gen unless there is a great deal.


Yeah I’ve tended to stick with all “S” variants.

If rumours are true then the 2020 iPhone will be 5G compatible and bring back the touchID feature.


Almost everything “one last thing” has been revealed by the rumor mill, not sure what new thing will be revealed.

I am locked into contract and also not planning to upgrade… just came across this - the Light Phone 2… now this is a good device

I like Face ID better :disappointed:

I’m in a similar boat as @Shenoy, and I think I’ll wait until next year to upgrade. Also, they’ll probably reduce the price of the Xr/Xs/Xs Max phones with this release, and those would be enough of an upgrade over my 8 Plus, that it might be worth it for me to “upgrade” to one of those. I mostly hope we start seeing more app developers take advantage of the dark mode/theme in iOS 13.

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I have been part of the beta for sometime now and dark mode is the best part so far. I don’t own a Mac so I know I miss a lot of integration but I just stick to windows.

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Calling it now. 2019’s iPhone will continue to have a Lighting port. But will include an 18W USB-C PD charger and USB-C to Lightning cable.

2020’s iPhone will finally replace the Lightning port with a USB-C port. And keep the same charger and cable included with 2019’s model.

In either case Anker’s USB-C PD chargers and power banks will support fast charging the latest iPhone. A benefit of Apple going with an open standard for charging back with the iPhone 8/X.

Date is now set for Sep 10th

I’m excited even though I’m an Android guy. Hoping my phone carrier will have good deal on the Note 10+