Apple Event September 2018

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I don’t feel like there’s been much hype around the upcoming event tomorrow :thinking:

Although there have been lots of leaks within the last few weeks, I’m hoping that there’s atleast 1 or 2 surprise features.

Is there anything you are looking forward to / hoping that’s released??

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Meh, the phones are a let down. I mean sure they will be great, but the pricing is rumored to be a lot higher than originally expected which is ridiculous. Phones should be coming down in price not going higher for mediocre increments


Looking forward!!!

New iPhone :iphone: and Apple Watch :watch:

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Obviously I don’t have any way of verifying those sources, but my hunch is that the iPhones will align with the originally expected pricing, so $699 for Xr, $899 for Xs, and $999 for Xs Max… Seems very reasonable for Apple to do. mean… Apple event 2018‽ lol

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Hopefully more computer updates

Heres the article I was referring to

iPhone XS Plus at a starting price of $1,049,
the iPhone XS at $999
and a new large-screen LCD version at $799.

Will be interesting to see the new Apple Watch Series 4 – Round shaped :smiley: away from the square

Yeah, still think (and hope) those are a tad high.

Probably not until late-October; same for iPads.

I think we have to at least partially credit Google for this. All the tech news seems to be focused on their October event and the potentially faked leaks.

Bringing it back :+1::joy::+1:

Just upgraded my phone in early June, so I’m not in the market for anything, BUT I’m looking forward to seeing Apple finally make a phone with 512 GB storage, the Xs Max having 3 lenses (saw a rumor, doubt it actually happens), and I’m really hoping these names are just rumors and they go with something else–looking at you, iPhone XR.

Hopefully the rumor that they’re going to allow cable manufacturers to make lightning to USB-C cables is true. There’s a chance I want to see that happen more than anything else.

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I just hope it’s not iPhone 9 since it will be better than the X in some ways…

Whatever they call them, I’m already over the Roman Numerals in the name.

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Had been talking to my gf about Power and that it next season won’t be out til 2019. Must’ve been me subconsciously wishing it was 2019 already.

Thanks to whoever changed it :+1:t2:

I’m interested in the changes to the iwatch more than the phones. And hoping they revert back to the older pricing structure, it’s not like the profit margins per device aren’t high enough as it is. With the reported amount of “cash” stockpiled not including assets they could easily subsidise the price.

The announcement I’m hoping for is an updated Mac Mini! :joy:

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i have a 256gb iPhone x and i haven’t even filled it half way

I am generally an android fan (samsung has been powering me since s4 days), but I am thinking of jumping ship to a google device.

waited on the new phones last year from the big three (apple, google, samsung) but was not really impressed by the iphoneX (not big enough for my liking), so I chose Note 8

anyways, had something like the upcoming iPhone XS Max came out last year, i would have gotten it D:

I think the reason the iPhone doesnt seem too hype this year is because of all the leaks on Google Pixel 3 XL. Too much of the media is busy trying to write articles and keep tabs on the leaks that is coming out of 3 XL.

I always get excited about new gadgets (especially phones). Lets see what unfolds!

Apple should upset the industry by dropping their $1000 phones to $500. I bet you that their sales would double and they would gain customers who would normally go for Android phones. As prices on their phones increase, they’ll make even more money than before the price drop campaign? :slight_smile:

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