Apple Event March 25 - Apple as a Service provider? Share your thoughts in a POLL!

Apple had a kind of weird event yesterday:

The big idea is that Apple is now a services company. They want to stream you your music, television, movies, and sports all for one “low” fee. :laughing:

While I can predict how some of our members will respond about how they, personally, will never use Apple (more power to you), but I’m wondering two specific things:

Would you abandon other services (Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, etc) in favor of an Apple service?

  • I will never use an apple service
  • I would replace one of my services with Apple if the price were lower
  • I would pay more for an Apple service (music, movies, sports, etc) because it is convenient

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My other questions is, regardless of your preference, do you think this will be a success for Apple?

  • This will make apple even more valuable for a long time
  • This will have no real impact on Apple’s value
  • This will be a failure and decrease Apple’s value
  • This will be a catastrophe and undermine Apple’s brand completely

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I’m open to other interpretations. Share your thoughts below!


I’m really sad about this… I feel Apple has failed me… this shouldn’t be original content.

I hate original content, especially from a brand that doubtless will be pushing specific political viewpoints.

I’ve been hoping for a service that would provide access to the entire Apple iTunes library! But that won’t happen.

I’ll probably switch my Netflix account for disney+ when it is released. I’m glad Disney is aiming there service towards adults as well with marvel, and start wars!

Netflix has declined in quality over the past few years. So much so, that Hulu is a better option now…

Technically with the App Store, iCloud and iTunes Store (Apple Films, Music and Books) they were already a services company… they’ve diversified a bit more by getting into the TV/Cable game…oh and banking now…

Either way, no doubt it will make Apple grow more and reach a wider audience…

Perhaps Scary Movie 4 had it right :thinking: :grin:

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Apple Music was the first real big push. This takes it to a whole new level.

What Apple really showed us was a failure on their part to genuinely have something actually “made by Apple”,

  1. Apple TV+ is nothing but consolidating other providers like HBO+, Showtime, … into their App
  2. Apple New+, again consolidating other providers into their fold
  3. Arcade, this is again all third party providers on Apple platform
  4. Apple Card - there are too many fine prints, better read before you apply, and the card does not support touch-less payment (however this is the only thing I got excited about Apple’s announcement)

So Apple is not doing something like replacing Netflix or even competing with NetFlix…

Not seeing any great innovation from Apple of the late, this being I am an Apple Fan :frowning:


No Apple no need. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hulu is a better deal, any day, I have removed my Netflix subscription due to not so great programming

Looking forward to Disney+ services,

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If they provide services far superior than Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime at a reasonable cost then I see no reason not to switch. I will still keep Amazon for the free shipping so that’s out of the equation.

I think this is the best analysis of the latest event yet…it really was just a sort of lukewarm chance to get everyone in the Jobs theatre and have the execs talk at us for a while. All of these things are already out there. Gotta love how Apple just kinda recycles the same thing and calls it “innovative” every time.

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@ndalby Thanks for closing my thread, didn’t notice this has already been started. I must have been sleeping for last 4 hours on it.

No worries :slight_smile:

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So far 0% of respondents said they would pay more for an apple service because it was convenient. :laughing: Obviously, this is not a scientific poll, but I get the sense that’s where most consumers are. I think Apple services will be more of a luxury item - like a status symbol. You don’t drive a rolls royce because it’s economical - you drive it to show off. I think that’s where the Apple services will land. Except that they won’t be as good as a rolls royce compared to competitors. :laughing: The actual best services will come from companies that prioritize open access from all platforms, where the apple services will be built to drive product sales. I think we can all expect that you won’t be able to use apple services on anything but the latest, most expensive apple products. :rolling_eyes:

You are kidding right? Netflix spent $1billion in 2018 for original content and it’s going to spend so much more. For me, it has gone better over the years, where they mix their own content with old content. They’ll never stop being the #1 for streaming services, at least in the close upcoming years.

Disney+ will be an addition to everyone’s Netflix account, I don’t think you can substitute it. Disney now owns Lucasarts, Marvel and 20th century fox. That’s it. They’re going to have to spend much more in original content as well as Netflix if they want to keep up.


The one flaw in your argument is, i hate the Netflix original content. :joy:. I will much prefer the Disney content :wink:

Original content and regular content has a fine line and this has been breached by Disney+, since almost everything that will be streamed is programmed in-house :laughing:

I think this is the direction we will go, where each individual streaming service makes its own content rather than licensing from others. I say that’s a good thing, because then I can join the streaming services that suit my needs and @Anjou1888 can join his! Which is not to say I’m not interested in Disney. They make fine content (Pixar in particular), and they have an absolute wealth of content from the past I’d be interested in streaming. I also happen to like Netflix content, though. So I can pay for both! But I don’t HAVE to. As opposed to the old cable packages where you had to buy all the channels to get the 5 you wanted to watch, now we can just pay for the ones we want!

Pixar Alone isn’t worth paying for a streaming service :joy:. I’m really exited about the start wars content that will be available. As you stated, some of there older content is decent, but again, since it’s geared toward children it’s not something I would just sit around and watch :wink:

At this point I’m tired of all the streaming services. Apple had the opportunity to offer a bundle Apple Music plus AppleTv for let’s say $35 dlls a month for a family package. But they are greedy, now they realized that the best way to make money is financing, let’s face it, less effort, easy money. At my point of view Disney has the upper hand on this, just because his content his hot and they can make a bunch of spinoff from Marvel and Starwars. DC WB has the right idea but sadly it doesn’t justify the price. Let’s not forget Disney owns part of Hulu so they will not have to invest so much in a digital suite.

How much will you consider paying for a Video service that will be your only supply?

How much are you willing to pay for a music and video service bundle?

If you have family accounts please specify if family or single.

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I am willing to pay no more than what I am paying right now, but the service and offerings need to be greater than Netflix and Spotify (both are at the highest echelon of services)! So Netflix cost me $11.99 for four simultaneous devices and Spotify is $15.99 for a family pack of 5. Can Apple beat that… I doubt it!

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Dude have you check your Netflix bill? It’s up to $16. I know it’s only 4 dlls but it’s now $11.99 anymore

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