Apple Drops Reviews Option From Online Store Products

Thought they were a company who listens to & values their customers opinions :laughing:

Censorship or a smart move on Apple’s part, what do you guys think?

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They don’t listen to customers, their goal is to squeeze their appletini fanbase for every dollar possible!

A chance to control the narrative I suspect, I know that Play store reviews & iTunes app store reviews impact sales in a big way however they can’t shut down youtubers like Marquess Brownlee who has loads of influence

Also today I learned apple store sells Anker stuff!

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I always thought something was up with the reviews on the Apple Store. The same item that had 4-5 stars on Amazon and BestBuy would be lucky to have 2 stars on Apple’s website. Also, I noticed a lot of reviews like along the lines of “this only last a year!” or “died after 3 months!” for items that have only been out for a week or less. Perhaps they need to allow only “verified purchased” reviews to weed out the spammers.

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Interesting but not surprising.
Don’t care about “your” opinion, just your money!
I guess when you have a customer base as eager to spend money as they have, you can afford not to listen to the negatives.

Apple doesn’t care what everyone thinks, they go buy their plans, yet having such a huge fanbase. So, who cares? right?
I really don’t want this to be another Nokia or Blackberry.
They have huge potential, it just takes doing right things at right time.

welcome to the review world!