Apple Does Not Provide Official Statement on AirPower

Introduced back in September of 2017, AirPower was a wireless charging mat capable of powering up an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once.

AirPower has officially missed its 2018 deadline. The worst part? Apple has remained silent.

Similarly, last year at CES, Anker unveiled its PowerWave Duo, a pad that would provide a wireless charge to two devices simultaneously. While no release timeframe was provided, it was not assumed to take this long.

Unfortunately, there are no signs of its release nearing, and Anker has remained silent, as well.

For a comprehensive list of what we’re currently waiting on from Anker, click here.

As a tech enthusiast, do actions like these upset you? Let us know your thoughts with a reply down below!


Im on both sides of this fence. I would rather not hear hype if something is looking like it will never reach the market, since it would make me more excited only to get shutdown (Google’s project ARA was a great example of something that was rumored and talked up for years and never made it to market). At the same time, hearing and seeing a rumored/prototyped project that looks great and yet never hear anything a year later is also hard to handle since it looks like it is almost out and then you are gut punched ( A large portion of cell phones go this road, one minute you are rumored to get it on your network, the next a newer model comes out and you waited for nothing).


It doesn’t upset me–I understand that there can be delays for a variety of reasons–but it confuses me when a company just goes silent on a product after announcing it. A simple “hey, we ran in to an issue with (insert product here) and the release will be delayed, but we are still working on it” would suffice.


Difficult to say.
Of course some fellows here might wait for such innovations impatiently.
But on the other side a “too early” sale can cause severe problems.
Hope “the company” will start to offer those “inventions” to beta-testers, before!!! giving to innocent customers.

They promised, hope they keep this.

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I would generally prefer a little more detail than just that… at least a reason for the delay and an updated timeframe.

We are not employees of the technical development.
If the company doesn’t tell we should accept.

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See that I have a small issue with. Technical development makes a product, advertises it to get people excited and then for whatever reason no longer share it. It can be viewed as a borderline bait and switch maneuver, because usually only the people that really want a product like that keep an eye out for it, then are stuck settling with something else after. Automotive has done this for years, but they label vehicles that never see the light of day as a concept car during automotive shows. The finished product is either very similar or never shows back up.

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The aipower mat has been pushed behind due to heat issues they have been facing. Numerous sites have reported the same.
According to a report, the problem Apple is facing is based around heat management issues, although there have also been other hardware and software issues, too

I am kind of bummed that AirPower isn’t available yet, but I already have a Qi charger for my iPhone and my AirPods don’t need recharged every night, so I’ve been surviving. :joy:

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Joshua you are asking two different questions.

What do we think of this product (which never shipped).

  • I don’t have devices which suit it so I don’t care.

What do we think of announcing products which never ship.

  • this is about the maturity of the reader here.
  • a mature buyer would glance at these and think they’ll wait til shipping and look for reviews
  • an immature buyer will nag for it to come and then complain because it hasn’t yet.
  • which are you?

There is always a healthy tension between sales and marketing. Sales is undermined by draining demand for existing products by customers sitting on their money waiting for future products, those customers can become dissatisfied waiting and buy from a competitor. So marketing can undermine sales. Marketing though raise brand profile, awareness, and that drives sales in total, and if you simply began selling without some marketing, you risk stock not being sold as insufficient were ready to buy.

Ideally these two disciplines are in lock step, marketing just far ahead of sales. Not always.


I believe better communication (internal and external) is the key to a greater level of satisfaction.

Nicely put @nigelhealy

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This is making it too black and white. Maturity and lack there of really has bearing on all of this and nothing at the same time. When I see a product that is rumored I like, I do my research and then keep an eye out for when it comes out if I deem it a good fit for my needs. Being bummed out when it disappears and I hear nothing further means nothing more than I now need to find a replacement for that perceived need. This has no bearing on maturity provided it is taken in stride and not lose my cool. Calling millions of iPhone users immature because they are excited about a new product and get frustrated (nag/complain) during a release shortage also does not spell out immaturity necessarily, many are just excited by new things.


This is a real very difficult matter to discuss about.
A lot of customers believe in the brand, not in the innovations.
I am always a little bit shy to follow the mass,
I must confess I am very conservative, though being in informatics for more than 45 years.
I was starting with ALGOL60 and punched tape… so many years ago.
True science!

While it raises my hopes about new products I’d rather wait until they had fully fixed all the issues prior to release and not just release it to please the masses.

Hence why I was happy to see Anker change the power user program to beta testing.


So would I, but that’s still not an excuse to avoid communication!

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Latest leak is that it will go into mass production 21st Jan :man_shrugging:t2:


Hasn’t Anker unveiled a similar product on CES2019? Thought I saw it in a video.