Apple-Certified Third-Party Lightning to USB-C Cables Expected Early Next Year


I feel like we see these rumors every few moths, so while I’m optimistic & hopeful, I’ll temper my expectations.

Great news… Hopefully this is not a rumor as a lot of companies have been waiting to manufacture it. Also, a lot of people would prefer having durable 3rd party cables as compared to flimsy apple cables.

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I’m with @Mark_Dunsmore on this, they have been saying this for all of this year. Every few months they renew interest in this and say apple has reached out, yet we still do not see any third party certified cables.

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When I think about a nylon-braided USB-C to Lightning PowerLine…

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Yep, they seem to rehash the report every 3-4 months…though now Apple has made a jump to USB-C on the new phones, I would think we are getting closer now…perhaps Easter or sooner?

[quote=“ndalby, post:6, topic:63977”]
now Apple has made a jump to USB-C on the new phones
[/quote]Well, they haven’t yet, but if they do next year, then Anker may just decide to never release USB-C to Lightning…

I really hope they make this cord soon

It seems the time has finally arrived, Belkin is the first to have an approved Usb-C to Lightning cable with MiFi certification. Now it should only be a matter of time before we see it her companies come out with their cables, let’s hope Anker gets in in this early so they can dominate the market


Awesome news

Makes sense it being Belkin, they are normally first to get third party Apple related equipment out due to the fairly close relationship…hopefully Anker are not too far behind…

Fingers crossed that we see cables from Anker sooner rather than later. I’m just glad that a 3rd party finally has the OK to make them.