Apple cancels AirPower product, citing inability to meet its high standards for hardware

Apple announced today that they are cancelling the AirPower charging pad citing “difficulty meeting its own standards”

I guess The Verge article that came out saying “Anker’s PowerWave+ Pad is the latest AirPower knock-off you probably shouldn’t get” was a little premature…


What a letdown!

This should be interesting for the Apple fans, especially those who have just dropped cash on the new AirPods or the wireless charging case for the first gen to go alongside their updated Apple Watch & iPhone…

…though it leaves a nice little market gap for @AnkerOfficial to try and fill :wink:


I just read this now, so finally, there is no competitor to Anker PowerWave+ Pad after all :slight_smile:

Apple just had too many challenges with the concept and over heating issue… they did a good job to drop it… it may resurrect sometime in future

Let’s be honest, the PowerWave+ with watch holder is not even close to what the AirPower was supposed to be. I own the PowerWave+ so I know.

The PowerWave+ is just a Wireless charger with a stand for an Apple Watch. The AirPower was a giant wireless charger that had room for multiple devices.

Completely different products, however, it’s still better than nothing at all! I think a lot of Apple fans may just pick up the PowerWave+ now :wink:

Welll… look at the brighter side, Anker or competitors now have an opportunity to create something like AirPower or even better than it

Nothing stopping a PowerWare+ gen 2 becoming a pad though is there :grin:


Best Summary for the AirPower Drop by Apple… AM I glad, i didnt invest on the new Airpods :wink:

Can’t really say I’m too surprised. Their goals and needs were far too ambitious for where wireless charging currently is.

If there was one company that could unlock that black magic needed to make wireless charging that good, I would have thought it was Apple.

I’m glad that everyone who was looking forward to this have closure now

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The problem is that Anker already unveiled their PowerWave+ Duo last January… and still no signs of an imminent release.

I don’t know why but I just find it hilarious. They announced the product in 2017 as if they had a sure plan of how to build this thing and then in late 2018 I believe, they removed all mention of AirPower from their website. However, they still have the picture on AirPods box. I was skeptical about it when they announced in 2017 saying you can place your iPhone, watch, etc. anywhere on the pad. Kinda too ambitious in my opinion

I think apple needs to focus on its core products and leave the accessories to 3rd party manufacturers
There are plenty of very good wireless chargers already in market

Here’s a good video, focusing less on the details and more on the impact.

I watched Marques Brownlee’s (MKBHD) video this morning and it’s still hilarious to me :joy: I would appreciate if Apple made something but didn’t announce it before hand. Having something launch that wasn’t expected or has unexpected features has a whole different feeling than something they announce before hand to hype things up. Besides, not announcing something before hand makes sure you are safe if something goes wrong, like the thermal stuff that Apple just could not figure out.

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Anker needs to learn from this, too. They have announced way too many products, only to delay or cancel them later.

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Apple deserves a lot of slack on this. They pretty much tried to do something impossible. The trick wasn’t to get it to work, the trick was to get it to work safely and reliably. The laws of physics fought them pretty hard on this one.

Premature announcement is something :apple:picked after Jobs passing
Look at original iPhone. It was so secret that even for :apple: own employees it was news…
It had many flaws but all that drowned in the excitement and new features.

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Hope Anker could achieve something like the AirPower, would love to place my phone anywhere on the mat

Still weird that a company like Apple offering wireless charged devices, doesn’t offer a wireless charging pad for its own devices.

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