Apple Becomes World's First Trillion Dollar...could Anker ever make it too?

Probably will be doing the rounds in the media for the next couple of day’s…until something bad knocks them back down. What do you guys think, are you a happy Apple user or someone scratching there head wondering how they made it with there price structure?

On a similar line of thinking…does anyone think Anker will ever reach such similar height’s with their products & collaborations (present & upcoming)?

Feel free to post your thoughts…good or bad on this milestone :grin:

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If they got into smartphones, tv’s, computers and all associated peripherals and programs maybe. The biggest reason Apple pulls this off is a complete full spectrum of systems and devices that monopolizes their faithful in its entirety. Even Microsoft has had a hard time trying to accomplish this.

Good points, with Microsoft dominance in software throughout the 90’s / 00’s I’m surprised they weren’t first up…but yes Apple’s diverse lineup (with not so diverse price’s) certainly have given them a leg up on most…

As far I have heard the number of sold iphones is decreasing.
There are other companies at the poole position of selling mobiles now.

Of course I had and have APPLE products. (old ones :wink:)
Good quality, BUT too expensive.

This is very interesting. Apple has proven that their products are designed to slow down or fail so you can get repeat customers.

Anker builds things to last. You don’t have a to buy a power brick or cable every 2 years. @AnkerOfficial, please don’t consider this.

With that being said, I think Anker is fine not being a Trillion dollar company, albeit wouldn’t mind. But they are here to build things that they stand behind and make people happy. With their added brands of Roav, Eufy, Soundcore, Nebula, Etc. Anker Innovations does still have more room for growth. But hopefully their business model and mission statement stays the same and they can build on reputation, reliability and (Cant’t think of another awesome R word for impact) rapport with customers, fans, etc

I’m not sure what their sales are now, but I can easily see them as a Billion dollar company. No Doubt!


I also have a lot of good ideas and markets that Anker Innovations still has not entered. Please feel free to PM me for some of those :smiley:

I read this early today. At the same time they announced this they also announced they were stopping affiliate commissions to websites and in apps purchases.

Many review sites depend on revenue from Apple and they just lost a major revenue source. I don’t understand why they would do this. Its not like their app store is major revenue stream.

[quote=“ndalby, post:1, topic:61781”]
does anyone think Anker will ever reach such similar height’s
[/quote]No, but that’s OK.

[quote=“Quinn_Armstrong, post:5, topic:61781”]
I’m not sure what their sales are now
[/quote]For reference, Anker’s 2017 revenue was reported to be around $570M.

Nice work. If that’s the case, and Anker can grow at 10% per year. They will be a BILLION $ Company by 2023!!!


I wonder if they have plans to go public…

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They did talk about going public, but they were waiting to see how well Xiaomi does.

“As smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp. prepares for a Hong Kong initial public offering, Yang figures the timing may be right for him, too. He’s studying the possibility of going public in China, Japan, Hong Kong or the U.S.”

From This Article


Oh, I totally forgot about that!

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Considering it took Apple this long to get that, and Anker hasn’t hit the billions yet, I don’t think Anker will. Where Anker currently is however, is pretty impressive.

The day they go public in the US is the day I buy some stock in Anker. Lol.

Back on topic, as a long time Apple user (cut me teeth on an old teal iMac G3 as my first computer) and current Apple user, I am excited about it, but cognizant of all the issues the company has (repeated quality control issues that turn into lawsuits, apparent disregard for consumer base, etc). I’m optimistic for the future though, it seems 2018 has been a much better year for their transparency than some previous years, at least.

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[quote=“thetonyclay, post:14, topic:61781”]
I’m optimistic for the future though, it seems 2018 has been a much better year
[/quote]I agree. Have been pleased with what Apple has done so far this year (mainly software wise).

I have been. I’ve been running the iOS 12 dev beta since the beginning on my main device and the Mojave dev beta on a secondary Mac (mainly for problems exporting video files on the beta). During my testing time I’ve been really pleased with both. From day one on iOS 12 I noticed it being exponentially faster than the dumpster fire that is iOS 11. The notifications improvements are welcomed as I have much enjoyed Android’s notifications more until now and it’s good to see some more control over notifications and a better UI on iOS. Screen time is great for my uses, it’s a great update. I think Apple made the right choice using a year just improvement the OS in every way instead of throwing more bloat into an already bloated OS. Makes iOS feel as smooth as it did way back. Mojave is basically just darkmode and a few iOS apps ported over, nothing crazy lol. But I’m pleased with their software offerings.

I haven’t done any testing for WatchOS 5, but the features they are adding have me excited FWIW.

I think it’s impressive and commendable how quickly apple addressed the thermal throttling issue on the i9 MacBooks. Now if only they could be as transparent and forthright with the keyboard issue, bendgate, antennae gate, etc. LOL.

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While I admit Apple is decent but I feel they cheated their way to a trillion dollars,and some others would agree with me in that they make faulty products that force you to ulgradeand or spend extra money.
Really it is a good business move, but sucks for consumers who spend the money buying into apples craptastic business.

I don’t agree with statements like “they make faulty products” or “they force you to upgrade”. If they were intentionally making things faulty, there would be much more backlash and malfunctioning products than there is now. I do see why some people think this though, it’s usually because things are blown out of proportion or they expect things to last forever.

And saying they they force you to upgrade is pretty untrue, or at least unfair. Every mobile carrier will try and “force you to upgrade” to any phone.

I don’t think they cheated to be honest. Like them or, not they changed the way mobile technology evolved for a long time when they pushed the first iPhone.

They don’t produce bad products of course.
Apple products are of good quality.

BUT what is true the problems with updates and upgrades.
Awful : With an old IPAD there is no possibility to use newer applications.
There is no way to upgrade to newer OS.

This is the reason I got a LINUX-er.
Runnig “old machines” with the newest system.
But of course you need to “fiddle around” a little very often.
But if you stuck there is a huge, friendly community (like ours :grin:) helping. (All conspirators :joy:)

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