Apple Airpods, Google Pixel Buds...How about Anker buds with charging case?

After watching a good review on MacRumors today comparing the AirPods from Apple against Google’s Pixel Buds offering (which are not a groundbreaking design IMO), it got me thinking how Anker would fair against both with a similar charging case setup for their general SoundBuds range (outside of Zolo)?

Both Google and Apple have their own uniqueness in features and Anker would be in the middle but no doubt with better audio and battery life :smile:

What do you think?

or an Anker type offering with their own charge case (possibly like the Curve case, but smaller)

Link to MacRumors article and video here


The Zolo Liberty+ earbuds will have their own charging case. But I agree that a general charging case (something with a battery and an integrated Micro USB cable) would be nice as you could use it with any of Anker’s headphones.

Yeah, was meaning more of a general case aimed towards the Anker Soundbuds as opposed to Zolo. Updated to make it clearer :smile:


I like this idea. As it wouldn’t need to be too big. Enough power for a recharge or 2. Would be super handy

It would be cool if Anker joined those 2.

I would love it if Anker could design something similar to what jaybird did with their bluetooth headphones.

This is jaybirds charging clip that allows you to charge and use as needed. Very small and doesn’t weigh the headphones down, but allows for additional charges or use over an extended time.

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I would buy a set if they offered a charging set of ear buds. My only concern is I would loose one of them. Maybe they could attach a finder feature like some of the smart watches have or a finder feature like the Tiles.


Technically that version exists with the Zolo brand but I would like to see maybe an expansion to the normal SoundBuds…as much as the AirPods appeal being an iOS user the audio and losing aspects keep me away…the cord isn’t an issue to me :slight_smile: