Apple Agrees to Pay Up to $500 Million to Settle Class Action Lawsuit Over

Want some free money from Apple?

Then have a read of this.

Get even more free money by not buying Apple. Other phones are much lower cost.

I do wish phone manufacturers have user replacement batteries so if the phone is fine apart from an aging battery they can be replaced. But the trend is to unibody hard to replace batteries, accelerated by the drive to waterproof phones.

If we can bring forward Graphene enhanced phones then those batteries last longer, more charge cycles.

So I’d be very guarded buying an expensive phone with a non-Graphene non-replaceable battery right now.

The Suit is about $20 per affected US person.


I loved the old Nokias and earlier smartphones i owned where you could “pull” the battery.
Great for replacing a tired battery and great if the device crashed or needed a reset.


My last designed to be pulled battery phone was the Moto G4 Play from 2016.

I have replaced batteries in my tablets/phones, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, Nexus 10, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, all the old type where a non-waterproof phone you could pry open without damaging.

My current phone is OnePlus6T, launch price 54% of equivalent price of the iPhone at the time.

The iPhone problem was an expensive phone the owner wanted to use longer was being made slower against their will, to make a new, even more expensive, iPhone more attractive.

That can go down further based on the number of claims … this is next to Equifax settlement

I too loved the Nokia phones , easy to remove and insert new batteries, but the usage was not as much as we do with Smartphones these days…

EU is forcing iPhone and other Smartphone makers to have removable batteries … but I would not want to have it removeable, will lose the sleekness of the device. Rather improve battery life, improve to higher capacity

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So I think Graphene batteries are the most likely to come first.

While it adds 30% to battery cost, in a flagship phone you should not have a big % impact on price, allows both wireless charging to less age the battery, and faster wireless charging, so along with portless phones is an obvious 2020/1 set of technologies.

My OnePlus6 I plan on following this step this year as its otherwise fine handset to stretch to 3-4 years of life and then hope better battery tech is out.

I did look at the current iPhone and it does, fair credit, look better designed for user repair and battery replacement.

If done correctly I doubt you would lose as much sleekness. Original plastic backs given the way you can make equipment mating really can’t be used as the baseline.

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And please tell me you had the pleasure of Xpress on covers?
I remember a chrome cover i had, great at the time. Totally cringe worthy today :rofl:

Those were the days!

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Those were the days you carry around a spare battery not a Power Bank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oooh yes, those were the days, a $199 phone with two ebay $15 battery spares and you’d go off for a week no charger no Powercore.

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With regular removal / insert of battery and the covers, the phone build will definetly go bad – this is purely out of my experience with Nokia 3300, i had 2 batteries at the time.

After paying a premium of $600+ for the phones, I wouldnt want to see that happen to my phone. I had rather keep a PowerBank (Anker PowerCore :wink: ) by my side than a phone with replaceable battery… plus PowerBank can power other devices - headsets, and more

May be Anker can come out with Wireless Charging PowerBank … but that is a whole different story, and will not hijack this topic


Also missed the whole point of protective case for the phone…

adding to the woes… Wouldn’t it be a pain to remove the protective case each and every time, to replace the battery… :crazy_face:

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I’ll start a poll thread on that.

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Yeah, with the amount of people who will claim, we will only get pennies. It would’ve been easier with the removable batteries. But I actually do not mind using portable battery packs, and most of the time I stay plugged up in the car or use wifi.

My galaxy s3, s4, s5 and lg g4 all had removable covers. Not only was wear and tear not an issue, but you could get a new oem for 10 to 20 dollars as needed. To make it a less hassle fix, you would sell the battery, some kind of gasket and back for say $125. The fees would be similar to now purely for the fact that labor is now on you. Really isnt much of an issue or hassle in this instance.

my phones (smartphones) have all been iPhones … and now recently S8/9/10, and I like them that way,

there are different point of views, different requirements… so we all are right in some ways,