Apple 2019 phones?

Do you guys think apple will include in box more than a 5 watt charger in the box. And if it is powerful will anker be effected on sales.

Knowing Apple and thier greed for :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: … They will NOT include the 5W charger…

But of course, thier sales are down, they may throw it as well so that they do that lose out more

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I think someone started a thread saying Apple will include 18Watt charger with new iphones


Yes, this topic has already been talked about. Perhaps they should be merged @ndalby? :man_shrugging:

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@potatostudioyt As mentioned by two previous members we already have an active topic with a number of responses in regards to the upcoming Apple 2019 phone chargers. Perhaps you can provide your opinions to that topic…thanks