App update

I’ve been having some issues with my 2C setup which I posted here, but oddly can’t view the post. Never mind though as following an email to eufy support an app update has fixed them. Most significantly the wireless connection between my cameras and the Homebase now reports as stronger.

The app version is V1.6.2_437 (EU).


Eufy has indeed just pushed a new release of their app.
Bullet #6 states something about an improved the signal display
I’m curious about point #5 though. Can someone @ankersupport maybe elaborate on this? Or are there any release notes online?


Interesting. I’ve been through my settings and can’t see how to implement geofencing. I’m not sure what is meant by 5) and 7). “Optimised the eufyCams signal display”. Does that mean that the signal is as it was, but is reported as being stronger (correctly, one hopes)?

@wynards, follow these steps:

  • upgrade your “Eufy security” app to the latest version (v1.6.3_439)
  • in the app, on the lower 3 tabs, select the upper right “Security”
  • now you’re in the screen where you select your security mode (home, away, etc…) . In this screen, scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll see “Geofencing”. Click the little rod to get the configuration going…

V1.6.2_437 is the latest available to me on Google Play.