App support for Soundcore Life Note

I’ve downloaded the Soundcore app and opened the life series but I can’t find the Life Note, Ive searched everywhere but still can’t find it.
Why is it not supported?
If it will be supported soon, When?

The same reason the p2 are not, price and type. I do not think they will be supported if I had to guess.

From my experience if the earbuds are not at least 80 dollars when they first come out, there is a chance they will not have app support. I guess think them as cars less than 80 as your basic model car, after 80 you start to get some extra.

With that said some of the speakers will tend to have app support at a lower price point (Soundcore 3, soundcore mini 3 and the flare as examples).

In my experience if it does not explicitly state on the packaging and if not supported at launch, it does not retrospectively get it.

What you saw when you bought it on Amazon / packaging - is all that it is and ever will be.