App Suggestion?

I’m new here, so I don’t know if this has been suggested. However, I think that the Forum, PowerDraw, Testing Club etc. could benefit in the form of an Apple app. Usability is limited on my iPhone, and I think that the discussion side of Anker could take off especially since almost everyone is constantly in reach of their phone.

Hey Emily, First of all, welcome to the community. If you are curious about something being posted already you can always use the search feature which will show you the posts that may contain the answers to what you would be asking. I know there has been talk about an app and people asking for an app for a while.
I know the soundcore community has access to the community through the app. I honestly don’t know if they still have plans for a community app or if they are giving up on it.
Also, I noticed you had asked this in another thread as well. and @professor said that there are two communities already. Hope this helps.

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I think this is a separate kind of ask. Agree, search is a good way to begin if new.

This is asking for a community app, so we don’t use the Web interface.

There was a beta, it died.


Hmm they had an app a while ago, but they never updated it

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There was a plan to create such one.
I never use apps (old Laptop only)
But I dont know if there is any progress.