App mounting guide: Signal strength and Live feed

When using the “App mounting guide” in the EufySecurity app, signal strength is shown, as well as a live feed of the camera image.
I noticed to my surprise that, even when the signal is ‘bad’ or even ‘no signal’, that the live feed continues to send images from the camera to the app.
Is that feed still going through the HomeBase? If that is the case … then even with a bad signal, the camera should still be able to send images to HomeBase …?

Naturally, the stronger the signal strength, the better…
( I won’t mention the ‘Range Extender’ here … :wink: )

A few days ago, my installed EufySecurity app updated itself.
I noticed that in the “App mounting guide” in the EufySecurity app the signal strength of the camera-to-HomeBase signal is still shown. Before the update, I had 2 camera’s that had a ‘bad’ to ‘no’ signal strength, although they still worked fine.
In the updated EufySecurity app, the signal strength is now shown as ‘good’ for these camera’s … :slight_smile:
I think the validation of the signal strength is more realistic now.