App connectivity - Robovac 30c

I am having issues with connecting to the app with my Robovac 30c. I have tried the following:

  • turning off 5ghz on router.
  • aeroplane mode on phone.
  • resetting device
  • trying app on alternative device
  • resetting router

Of course holding the reset button on the vac every time and attempting to reconnect to the app. The Robovac appears to connect to the WiFi just an issue with communication between my app and the vac.

Have emailed the no response as of yet so thought I would try the forums.

Fixed. Was an issue with security settings on the router. Had a spare one, switched it over worked fine.


Hi, I am having problems connecting my second 30C to the WiFi network. What was the issue with the security settings that resolved the issue ?

I had connection issues. Changed router to 2.4 ghz only. Still didn’t work. In the end I used my iPad instead of phone in a room further away from router and it worked