Anyone won anything in the Anker free unlimited gift Holiday thingy?

Did anyone win any products in the Anker free unlimited gift Holiday thingy?


5% off code that I didnt know you had to screenshot or write down so now its gone forever lol. Oh well

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they emailed it to me

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Nope, I am a level 5 member and have never won anything yet. Best was 33% off coupon for black Friday…Can you hear me whining? lol. :evergreen_tree:

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Same here, didn’t get the email yet.

so what do you apply the “savings” too

No idea, in the email it says click here but its not a button!

It took me a couple hours before I received the code. I got the 5% off

5% isnt enticing enough anyways to make a purchase. :joy:


Nope. 5% off only

5% off. I don’t think there is any other gift besides the 5% off to be honest. 5% barely covers the tax on the item, not really a good discount at all imo lol

I got the email for the 5% off . Bummer.

Let me start by saying that I love Anker products and have been a fan and power users for a few years now.

So I get an email about a new Christmas Gift promotion, and click the link to check it out. My gift was for a 5% coupon. It didn’t state 5% off, so I thought maybe it was a really cool coupon allowing me to select a product for 5% of retail, that would be cool and is similar to other opportunities I’ve had when Anker need to amp up its reviews on a product, etc.

So I reviewed the list, found a product that I don’t already have and could be useful, added it to my cart, proceeded to check out and entered the promotional code… It’s a 5% discount.

In my opinion that is NOT a gift. Regular email promotions have discounts much more substantial then that. A 5% discount is more like a slap in the face and a waste of my time.

I’ll continue to be a fan of Anker, but that “gift” is total BS.

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Yup same here saw the e-mail thinking woot finally got the e-mail everyone was talking about free gift but it’s just 5% off. :rage:

i added 3 people and all 3 were just 5% off coupons, i doubt there are any prizes

I agree was really disappointed to see only 5 percent. Makes no difference to me if an item is 5 percent off if I want it I will but regardless not a gift.

Not to mention the subject line of the email read: “Here’s a free gift for the Holidays”

Anker doesn’t make many mistakes, but this was a huge marketing blunder. Set people up for a free gift and then give them a 5% discount - they need to rethink that one.

They set expectations high, and under delivered in a big way on this promotion.

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The other thing that I noticed is the list of items that you could use the 5% discount on changed. At first, it had a 5 or 6 pack of micro-usb cables, but later when I went to purchase them they were gone…?

I love Anker and the products, but changing the items in the list within an hours time really threw me off.

Yup, I got 5% off too. Haven’t heard of anyone getting other gifts yet. Hopefully soon.

Exactly use better wording next time Anker marketing team.