Anyone will get the OnePlus 5T?

Hi there,

I have the OnePlus 5, and was wondering if any of you plan on buying the 5T when it comes out in a few days?

I can give you a referral link to give you 20€ worth of accessories :stuck_out_tongue:


Possibly might get it in January, depending on price, they used to be excellent value but less so each year.

Agreed. Price is going up at every iteration, but I think it’s still a good deal. Let me know if your need a discount code for your accessories !

No I’m good to use my own multiple accounts to give myself both referral points and discount.

What is good about the OnePlus5 (and presumably the T) is its a global LTE bands, at present when I travel I lose LTE in Europe with a USA phone and the “global” phones don’t have the USA LTE bands, now OnePlus merged from USA / rest of world 2 models to 1 global model.