Anyone use PowerPort+ 5 Ports USB-C to charge Macbook Pro with touchbar?


Does anyone use PowerPort+ 5 Ports USB-C to USB-C charge Macbook Pro with touchbar? Is it recommended to use the OEM Apple USB C to USB C cable to charge the laptop or does anyone use an Anker USB cable successfully?

I never used a non-apple charger with my Macbook (company Macbook!) so I was just wondering if there were any known issues using Powerport+5 with Usb C and new line of Macbook pros just compatibility wise…


So it looks like the Powerport+5 has a max output of 60W, with a max of 29W through the USB-C port (or at least that’s what Anker states on the site). To quote it directly:

USB-C with Power Delivery
Charges the new MacBook at full 29W speed-almost twice as fast as a standard USB-C charge-leaving you with more time for you.

29W sounded a bit low, so I did a bit of googling and found this on Wirecutter:

Anker’s PowerPort+ 5 is larger than our pick or the charger that comes with most laptops, so it isn’t ideal for travel, but if you’re looking for something to leave at your desk for full-time charging, it’s the way to go. Offering 30-watt USB-C charging, this model isn’t as powerful as our top pick, but it is enough to keep Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro and other 13-inch laptops charged while you’re using them, and with four USB-A charging ports, it can power all your gadgets at the same time.

So, to answer your question: it should charge your Macbook Pro (so long as it’s the 13-inch model - the article I linked doesn’t say anything about the 15-inch), but it won’t charge it as fast as the OEM charger. As far as cables go, you should be fine with OEM or Anker.

Hope that helps!


Thanks , I would think if it can charge a 13" Macbook then it should also charge a 15" one too, considering they use the same power supply, well I am about to find out soon!

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Maybe not, because the 15-inch model normally uses an 87W power brick which is almost double the wattage of the Anker PowerPort. It could possibly be able to charge it, but you won’t be able to use it at the same time and it’ll most certainly be a lot slower.

About the cable, the Anker or OEM should be fine.

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I can confirm that the Powerport 5 & Apple USB C cable do charge the macbook 15" with touchbar very well. It only gives you the 45w rate, but this is more than enough!
It charges the battery at a decent rate 10% in just over 15 minutes, while using the laptop. All in all quite pleased, people were telling me it would take all day to charge not quite the case !

For me using the ‘PowerPort + 5 USB C’ (version without indication light on top!) does not charge my a MacBook pro 2018 15" inch when laptop is open, it does charge slowly when laptop is closed ;

From ‘system information/power’: