Anyone Struggling to Upload Pics?

I’m randomly getting this error message when trying to upload pics.
Anyone else getting the same?

In fact, I’m getting the error message trying to upload the screenshot here!

The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.


Seems to be working …

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Hey @Shenoy great to hear from you.
Hope life has been treating you and the family well.
I seem to be able to upload an odd pic and randomly get the above message.
This is on the Galaxy S20+. Strange.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to a point where we can’t upload pictures lol. This site still takes forever to load and post replies


I have had a random error exactly like, I retry then works.

I have also noticed uploaded images are not visible inline, I have to click on the image to see it.

Which is weird because I can see yours in line.

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But not my own

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Same here Paul.
Seems the forum is in its final stages now.
Enjoy the weekend.


Was successful after trying it several times.

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I see

And the bug

But I see

The bug is intermittent.

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It does seem a bit neglected. I’m still seeing an ad at the top for upcoming Prime Day deals.


What does a “neglected” wife?
She looks for another … :joy:

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A) do you think we should jump away?
B) where to?

I recently had a problem with an Anker product and they accepted my issue and posted a replacement next day, I still am loathed to bad mouth Anker as their support is excellent. But… the community needs either care and maintenance or closing.

After they do some Powerdraws so all the bucks get used first, of course.


No, no we should not “jump away”.
We can live here in peace and self-sufficient! :grinning:
If nobody cares about us few here, we care about ourselves.
And we can leave whenever we want to.

Getting colder here.
Now -1C at 8:20

But all exotic plants we grow in pots in the garden are save in the house now.
That’s important!

Enjoy the Sunday.


I noticed that it takes longer to load the app for the community

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Me too @Isaac_Schloss
Even a short post can take 15-20 seconds to upload.
And quite often it takes a while to load new messages/activity.
Maybe we need a WhatsApp group for Anker discussion.

Interestingly, that post took less than a second to upload :man_shrugging:t2:

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Would not use WhatsApp! :roll_eyes:

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The app? Lol I forgot they had an app. I’ve been using their webpage ever since I became a member and checked out the8r app shortly after it was introduced but I went back to the webpage.
Every once a while it works fast but it’s usually SLOW