Anyone manage to buy a Half Price PowerPort 2 Elite on Amazon?!

Curious to know if anyone manage to buy a Half Price PowerPort 2 Elite on Amazon this morning?! At $6.49 I am jealous!

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Suuuure did. Even 3 hours after the email was sent :grinning:


When I checked, it was unavailable

Don’t be depressed, we still have other campaigns on this product !:sunglasses:


I got the email at 9,06am PDT, and I noticed it and clicked at 9.27am and it was available, I changed quantity to 2 then it said unavailable so sold out around that time so about 20 mins or so.

Now then: what is the difference between the elite and the prior model? They are both 24W and they are the same volume 5.3 cuin, different weight though.

Look on the bright side atleast you got an email. I just saw it when you posted it on the forum

I missed it too but they said they are doing the same 50% code again sometime in the next few weeks.

You are so funny!:smile:

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Well done! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No harm intended friend. :grin:

It is back

For anyone, say, who missed the giveaway and the discount.

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What the heck… I never got any email like that?

About 1M subs and it arrived 22mins ago now. Give it time.

Also, make sure you’re subbed in profile.

I am. I never got the original one, either…

Create a new email address and register it with Anker and make sure its USA and you have tick in profile to subscribe. What happens sometimes is the Anker system goes screwed. Also given there is a large number of subs the more email addys you have the statistically earlier at least one of them will be earlier.

In both our cases we were lucky enough on the giveaway so less need to spend money to buy…

(aside, its good you got me :wink: )

This was the last email I got.


So you got a different offer than I. So its not all offers to all, its selective offers to a subset.

And so by comparing experience we learn.

It does go to backup my suggestion, multiple accounts to see all the offers. Odd I never got that Fusion one across multiple accounts, they all got the Elite2.

That was back in mid-April, so…

my bad, but my recommendation still appears to stand.

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