Anyone lost weight using Eufy BodySense Smart Scale?

Has anyone else lost weight using the Eufy Smartscale?
I got mine today and I’m super impressed with how easy it is to use. How much information there is on the app.
I can’t wait to start seeing results on my numbers.
Such a reasonable price for what appears to be a great product!

I’m excited to hear your experiences with them!


I haven’t checked my weight since many years.
The last time they did in the hospital.
Was OK!
As far my wife doesn’t tell me to loose weight, I don’t care.
And that is true : My trousers are fitting since a long time.
Enjoy the scale!

Hi @gray_jenny
I’ve only had mine for a short while but have lost 400gr!
I think the app and the information it supplies is a good motivator.
Here’s a link to my review if you’re interested.

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Yup, not only lost weight but gained muscle mass. My only suggestion is to put it in a easy place to use where it’s always on the floor and easy to step on so that you use it everyday.

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