Anyone have Side by side pics of Eufy cam E and Bullet cam

Just wondering anyone have them both can you post photos of them from the top, side by side etc.

I imagine the E model might be better for the small front porch as it look smaller front to back.


I do have a dozen of regular eufy cams and eufy cam E, but no picture with both of em side by side. Sorry.

I think its a matter of taste AND how and where you wanna use the cam, because in my experience, the original first eufy cam is more flexible in the “range” it can be mounted. The eufy cam E is more compact, but limited in the flexibolity of mounting due to the type of construction. Especially when it comes to the outdoor mount, with the original one there is more “mounting range”, if you know what i mean. But even with the magnetic mount i guess the flexability of the eufy cam E is more limited than with the original eufy cam, because its much “higher” and needs more space above and beneath the mount.

Compare the following gif of the original one and the picture of the mounted eufy cam E to see the difference and what i mean. I have mirrored the eufy cam E picture to make both better comparable at the mounts:

Thats why until yet, only original cams of eufy cam are in use at my several homebase locations / houses. But i have plenty of eufy cam E waiting for their “working location”.

I see what you say,

I dint even thought about that.
Then The bullet might be better in my case to replace the Blink camera as that one have a narrow vertical field of view as is mounted as high as it can be on a corner.

The E would have to be mounted lower.

Thank you.

You are welcome!