Anyone have any advice how to ensure I am sent out Anker mobile gear to review?

Can any other professional tech reviewers offer me some advice as to how to ensure I am selected to be sent out anker gear to professionally write, review and YouTube vlog about? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Here you can sign up to be a beta tester, and a power user. Both of which get free products.

If you stay active on this community, you will see that anker does “we love testing” events all the time.

I hope you find this helpful! Good luck!

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I don’t think there is any way to ensure Anker will select you. Your best bet would probably be to apply for the Influencers program if you have a large enough following.


Like @joshuad11 said the best way to be selected for stuff is to sign up to be an influencer. There is no guarantee in anything that you will be selected as it is. There are so many YouTubers and people who do Tech reviews, for instance Josh and myself does them so your a fry in a much larger ocean of reviewers so there is no guarantee anyone of us will get selected.


I really appreciate that. I write professionally more free lance for mobile nations where I have won national awards and contests for articles and blogs. I also created and operate two Facebook mobile tech forums and finally decided to round it off by creating a YouTube channel which I’m afraid may not play in my favor as it’s fairly young. Anyone interested in subscribing my here is a link to a vlog. Thanks for your support and the replies.

No guarantees.

If you are an official member of android authority, you’ll already get the freebies to test… so no need to come here to the forum, boasting while blagging!

Is this you?

When people boast, I search!

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You made me laugh with the last comment


Just saw that and yea it was kinda funny lol


Well done detective Mac🤣