Anyone have a raspberry pi or a raspberry pi zero?

I’m planning to buy a raspberry pi soon and I’ve done quite a bit of research on it. I’m just wondering: if you own one, what model is it and why do you have it? I’m probably going to buy an 8G or the pi zero, but who knows?

There are alternatives with features you may be interested in.

I own this currently

I use it as my server, has 1TB harddrive attached, it does my downloading, any lightweight media recoding, and is Ethernet connected to router.

When it dies I’d probably not get anything Raspberry specifically as they tend to be less powerful.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and a 4, mainly to use as mini web servers for testing and staging (and maybe a little retro gaming). They’re fun little “toys”!

I have the the 3B, the 2A, the Zero, and the Zero W.

If I were buying one today, I would go with the Zero W, or the 4.

You know I saw a cool video (I saw on FB but do not have the link too) of some guy that made a 3d case for his raspberry pi and made it with colored fans and some other lights as well. It was pretty sweet.