Anyone else hear this crackling/popping noise when unplugging the Powerline+ ii usb 2.0 to C from the phone?

I got the powerline+ ii usb 2.0 to C and everytime I unplug it I hear this popping/crackling sound when unplugging it. Anyone else hear this? I sent it back and Anker sent me another one but I still hear it from that. Is this normal?

@Xetro As Anker have sent a replacement and its still occurring for you can I ask a question, have you tried the cable on more than one device and with an alternate power source?

What phone and wall charger are you using, and how.old is it?

Haven’t heard of this before; but would love to investigate! Would you be able to record and post a video of the popping/crackling sound?

Also, is there an odor? Not necessarily burning, but that thunderstorm/ozone smell, perhaps?

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I don’t have any problems from an Anker charger n usb lead. I too have the galaxy S10 plus.

You sure it’s not a system sound? Try turning off all sounds, and see.

Also, try turning off the charger first, to see if that makes a difference.

Does the Samsung cable do the same?

I don’t think you said I’d it does the same in different handsets?

Best you send them in, so Anker can investigate.

Almost 4 months later, has this caused any issues and does it stil happen?

I heard the same sound when I was on vacation on my PowerPort+ 5 (A2053). Also figured out that electricity was poor in the apartment (lights were dimming sometimes). Now, when I’m home, no more that sound. So, check the quality of your electricity.

Same issue here.

Here’s what it sounds like for me