Anyone else have this many?

Supposedly I have to many batteries, But I think not!


haha i wish i had that many!

You’re ready for the zombie apocalypse! :thumbsup:

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You can never have “too many”. :wink:

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That’s a lot!
I have 2 PowerCore+ minis
a PowerCore II 10000
a PowerCore Speed 20000
a PowerCore II 20000 (with IQ2)
and a PowerCore+ 26800 PD!

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Can never have enough batteries (as long as they are used and not just sat to die) :smile: Currently sitting on the following myself;

Astro E1
PowerCore 10000 (used most)
PowerCore Slim 5000 (x1 gifted)
PowerCore 26800
PowerCore 20000
PowerCore Mini (x1 gifted)

At a push also a SoundCore Sport XL :grin:

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Nice !
@TechnicallyWell I think every Anker user is prepared for a zombie apocalypse :smiley:
I have just a few…
Astro Mini 3000 ( I like the old bag )
Astro Mini 3200 ( and the new bag )
Astro E5 15000 ( my favorite, because of the lamp )
Power Core 5000 ( not here )
Power Core 13000 ( simply good )
The best is, all work like the first day :wink:


it’s Anker you can’t go wrong :muscle:

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I have the powercore 20100 travel bundle
And also 2 powercore slim II 10000 (one for my wife and one for myslef).
Powercore slims are the family’s and the 20100 is for trips to Disneyland and family trips

No, but ive got 4 so not far behind lol

I’m staring at beauty :heart_eyes:

Wow…did you win all of these!!

It’s not fair, I gift away a lot. I was sat next to a nice old lady on a long flight 2 days ago and she had a flat iphone and I just gave her my smaller Powercore after she used it to recharge her phone with a “keep it” final comment. I showed her how to use it. I also explained why Uber did not function at 36,000ft.

Backfill required via a Power Draw win (hint).

Let me see what I can gather.

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I don’t have that many, in fact I’m waiting for the power cord that I won on the giveaway. I do however have a bunch of cheap battery packs that my son and wife gave me…none of which work properly. I also had one of the first battery packs Anker made but I washed it earlier this year and it killed it.

I am looking to get more Anker packs to replace all the cheap ones my family gave me. You simply cannot beat multiple charges with 1 device instead of many

I can’t remember the models of them all, but at last count in my house ( 2 adults)
3 X 10k Astro E3
1 X 10k? PowerCore (roughly half physical size of the 20k)
2 X 20/21k PowerCores(2W)
4 X lipstick style ones (3W)

We do travel a fair amount and use them to charge a host of devices. As well as power cameras when out on the bikes.

Also have a small collection of nano and mini speakers, a big speak, 2 Bluetooth earphones(1W), 3 wall chargers (1W) and I’ve lost count of the cables!

Edit: (xW) = number won/poweruser items

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So I gathered all which are “mine”. Mini+, Slim 5000, 10000, ole 13000, 26800.

I have distributed far more than this, bought / won, which I gave to others.

That 10000 is totally hammered with demands so often, and it is already >18 months old, it seems to be holding less charge, which is fine for a $20 device. Needs replacing… with…?

PowerCore+ II 10000.

think I had about the same but I give away a few of mine to friends and family