Anyone else being blocked from writing reviews on Amazon?

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As a Power User, I went to Amazon today in an attempt to write my review for a sample I received last week. As I hit the review product button, I was greeted with an error message stating that "

Your previous review of this product did not comply with our Customer Reviews Guidelines. Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased."

Now, I have never written a review for this product before, so I tried another order that I have never ordered before, and I received the exact same message. Evidently, Amazon feels that I have posted biased reviews. I will admit that prior to their changes that don’t allow you to mention that you received a discount or free product for a review, I did post reviews mentioning that. Mind you, this was well over a year ago. I have not posted a review on my account in months though, and I have not mentioned anything related to me receiving any product for free or at a discounted rate, so I am not sure why this has been implemented suddenly, “out of the blue.”

Anyway, I was curious if anyone else has experienced this, plus I wanted to warn anyone who has reviews mentioning that they received the item at a discounted rate, or free, you want to edit the review. I received no notice and no explanation as to why it happened. I am awaiting a reply from Amazon. I will update with any new information if anyone is interested.

Hi @three6ohchris , yep it’s been a generally progressive occurrence since mid 2017, starting more with the US but now expanded even further…there’s quite a few threads if you do a quick search, some have managed to get a response from Amazon, others have just plain lost there accounts…


Thank you for sharing.

I am quite honestly fed up at this point with Amazon. Are there any other options, as far as where reviews can be left, etc. Shopping wise, most of what I need can be purchased for less at several other companies with free 2 Day shipping as well.

Walmart has free 2 day shipping from for many of their items. They sell some Anker products as well, allowing you to post some reviews there. Best Buy also sells Anker products and you could post reviews there as well. Anker has also recently begun promoting their brand on Reddit, so posting your reviews in various places on Reddit would be helpful in promoting Anker and its products.

Amazon kind of has a corner on the retail game on the internet. That isn’t going to change, unfortunately.

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Since last year, Amazon has modified the review writing policy


Amazon has been frustrating lately. First they wouldn’t let me post questions nor reviews, then they locked my profile with all my past reviews and such. Now, they cancel orders without notifying me. Arrrrghhhh!!! Doesn’t matter if you’re a Prime Member or not neither… I’m a Prime Member. Took them over 2 weeks to reinstate my account. But of course, I can place orders without any problems. shakes head

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Yes! I was in top500 chart on IT marketplace (more or less 180th). Amazon’s has changed three times the policy and started to ban lots of accounts.
I don’t understand why someone yes and other no.
Today I can see lots of reviewers still active even with review non policy friendly…
Amazon should take in a better way all the situation in my mind.
The ban is not the right choice…

Well they won’t well and truly bite off the hand that feed them :wink: But yep they can sometimes be unreasonable, even with their £79 a year Prime members…luckily video service and a few other things are still making it worthwhile to continue at the moment…

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Yes there is a thread about it. Basically you accidentally violated one of their crazy terms of service. But don’t worry all you have to do is call them it is very important that you call them and email them or chat on line. You talk to whoever answers and you say you feel you’ve been wrong and you would like to speak to their supervisor. You tell them all you would like is for your ability to review products to be reinstated it happened to me and now it’s fixed. The other thread about it I posted the same thing and at least four people that I read were able to get it fixed using that method.

That is a very good point although every time you go online to one of those other stores you were redirected to Amazon for the best price so I guess it’s a natural thing to leave the review on that site but the site I review on that never gets me in any trouble is this forum for any #Anker #roav #nebula #soundcore #Eufy products and Then share it to Facebook, Twitter etc.

Wow. That IS ridiculous. But @thetonyclayhas a point. Amazon ALWAYS has the best prices for online products. I knew they change their policy on reviews but I didn’t know they changed all this other stuff that is causing everybody all these problems I am buying 98% of the things off of their website with discount codes between 60 and 99% off and I cannot review those items but I have never had a problem with my account

I do quick straight to the point reviews/promote all of my tech stuff on a 3rd Instagram account that I have as it allows me full creative reigns on what I write and allows me to make the posts fun and lively and not like the norm.

I get better exposure with the hashtags that I use and don’t have to worry about any stupid Amazon guidelines. (they wiped me earlier this year) You post your review on there and if you want you can share it to over 30 different social media sites. There are no rules, no chance of having anything happened deactivation there any crap like that I have been reviewing on there for over a year. If you get an account at you post your review on there and if you want you can share it to over 30 different social media sites. There are no rules, no chance of having anything happened deactivation there any crap like that I have been reviewing on there for over a year. If you get an account at first that’s where you get the really really good promo codes for Amazon. Once you get approved for the code which takes less than a day sometimes it’s automatic, you paste it into Amazon with the product in your cart, you can only do one product at a time when you check out If you do several in a row it will add them together as wine shipment. Then all you have to do for rank booster is copy and paste the order number and write the review on blog booster if you want when you’re done.

Amazon most likely would classify reviews on those items as “compensated” or “biased relationship with seller”, which is why you’re not allowed to review them. As a consumer, I would classify them the same way.

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Wonder if it would be easier to to just do giveaways on here for an amazon code. If purchased through amazon as a verified buyer I doubt most of these T&C are as effective for a permaban on reviews. Amazon seems to be much more lax if you bought the items from them.

Nope, even items I have brought get scrutinized and I cannot post reviews. But I have found that if I wait a month or so after my purchase I am able to leave a proper review


Yep had this also…they have an automated flag system in place…too many review attempts within a time period (or release period) the system rejects or is manually rejected by their team depending on your review history (same brands etc)

Amazon usually does not let me review anything I buy with a large discount code, but I review it on Blog-booster and that site enables you to share your review to a bunch of different sites.

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Thank you for this information about Blog-booster. I will check it out.

I am banned from review on Amazon. It was because I wrote a review that was honest about my experieince with Meeka Nutruition T3 after thet sent me moldy product and did not respond for support. They lied and said I was a paid poster. Wow I never was paid to post and now I am banned for life by the Amazon Community Reviews. It stinks especially when I want to write a review about something I really liked. I am looking for other places to post reviews. Thanks for creating this blog.