Anyone buying the new Airpods Pro?

Seems like someone should. And do a comparison review with the Liberty Air 2.

If someone sends me $360 ($250 for Airpods Pro; $110 for Liberty Air 2; I’ll pay the tax), then I would sacrifice my time and do an honest review. :wink:

My venmo username is same as my username here.

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The one major plus that airpods pro have, is ANC.

And no ones gonna send you money :joy:


Not a chance. AirPods are overpriced for what you get.

Don’t send me the $$, send me the products, can do a free review … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Aw that would be awesome. I just venmo’ed $360 bucks to onstar 2 hours!!! Can’t wait for your feedback!

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If someone sends me a 60k Tesla I’ll be sure to put it through it’s paces :smirk::joy:

True. The sound is also probably improved upon the already great sound. I’ve tested the Liberty Air and the Liberty Neo against the 1st gen Airpods, and the Airpods did sound better.

Obviously that was a joke. :laughing: :laughing:
I’d gladly take the products instead like @Ice1 said. :laughing: :laughing:

Completely disagree. Liberty air sound way better to me then the AirPods…

Anyone else have an opinion on this? Kinda curious as to what others think. After all, sound is subjective.

I also disagree, if you don’t get a good seal with the liberty air and neos then you won’t get a good sound. I own all, the liberty air, the liberty Neo, and airpods and the liberty air beats the airpods by a long shot and the neos are even better than those. Sure sound is subjective, but when you test as many tws earbuds I have you know what to look and listen for to give a fair judgement

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Whoa. To me, this is crazy talk. I don’t test earbuds for a living, but I’ve tried at least 200 pairs of headphones in my lifetime. Neos are adequate at best. I wouldn’t call them great.

When I’m out and about, the Liberty Air is much better sounding to me because of the seal it provides. The Airpods flop around and I don’t get a good sound because of the ambient noise. But inside a studio (or inside a quiet room when no one else is around), the Airpods beat the Liberty Air handily.