Anybody using the diffusers?

Gotta admit, the Anker diffusers look fantastic from the pics, and the wife is really interested in them. Anyone using one? What is your experience? How bright is the light? How big of a room are you servicing?

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no yet, buy I am really interested to do it

I have the largest size (500ml?). I like it a lot but my wife doesn’t - she finds the bubbling noise distracting, while I find it soothing. The lights are pretty bright,I just wound up turning them off since I would use it while going to sleep. The only really annoying thing about it is the harsh beeping sound when pressing any button - no way I can tell to turn it off, so it’s kind of disruptive if you’re going for a mellow ambiance. It also beeps when the reservoir is empty, which is kind of a bummer if it happens in the middle of the night.

Overall though it’s very effective at distributing essential oils through a room.

I do have the 250 ml one. This thing is amazing and the bubbling noise it makes makes me feel relaxed. Sometimes I call it White Sound Machine! Lol

This month buy one, I use it with aromatic oil, I liked it enough, it really impresses me because of its good functioning. I light it during the night, and for two days the fragance persists in the closed room.