Anybody in the emergency service field?

So I have been a firefighter for the past 7 years, mostly off an on again depending on work load. Since I am am volunteer I got to choose when I can participate. The last 2 years have been harder since I work 2 jobs, but I still managed to get time in.

Now, the reason for my post was because me and another firefighter got into a discussion on who does and doesn’t serve or even volunteer, not just for the fire department but also other emergency services. Prior to me firefighting I was a certified healthcare provider, which is now considered first responder. I know that field always struggled for volunteers as did the local police department. So who here has volunteered or worked in the emergency response field?


I am working in the scientific research field but I am a certified first aider at work :slight_smile: close enough I hope!

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I don’t but mad props for volunteering and risking your life to assist others :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

I’ve nothing but respect for those who work in the emergency services, they are often overlooked, underpaid, overworked but yet still continue to do the job to the best of their ability.


Flight Nurse Here and I also work part time as a Paramedic on an Ambulance. Thank you for your service brother.


Aint this the truth. If I could survive thought in this world without pay. I would gladly do this job for free. I love what I do and I never hate going to work.


Thanks for your service as a paramedic. That’s one field I wanted to get into but I didn’t have a sponsor and to get certified you have to have something like 16 hours seat time with another medic but I don’t know anyone here who would allow me to

Well done guys for your service and helping others.
You can’t volunteer for these things in the uk. You have to apply for the jobs and go through selection.

I did apply for the fire service many years ago but didn’t get through :unamused:

Props to @elmo41683 @cava3395 for their service and dedication to making sure were all safer and assisted in times of peril :clap: :clap: :thumbsup:

Bet your kids (I’m guessing?) liked the opportunity to get on the firetruck :smile:

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That’s a really old pic when my son was 5, he’s 11 now. But its the only 1 I have of him on the truck, it was for a paragraph and all his friends were ecstatic that he got to ride on it for the parade. Now that he’s older he doesn’t want to go there because they all ways put him to work training and he says it’s too much for him. I don’t alllwaysrgue because he lays a lot of sports so it gets tiring.

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I was a volunteer firefighter in high school - love the photos! I haven’t been able to in college - I live in too urban of an area - but I would love to do it again in the future.

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