Any way to turn off sleep mode on Anker Soundboost


I like my soundboost however i’m a bit tired of having to turn it on again every 10 minutes
when there is no sound coming out my computer for a while, if for instance i’m reading an article or composing
some mails.
I both tried to use Bluetooth or Line in, i also thought hooking the usb Power would prevent the Anker to go into sleep
but this is not the case :confused:
Is there any trick to avoid this ?

Thanks !

Hi @bournandelle , the power save feature is by design and cannot be changed. The speaker will auto power off after 10 minutes of no audio on BT and aux connections. @AnkerSupport confirmed similar here but listed 30 minutes for aux. I got the speaker not long after and can confirm mine also power’s down after 10-15 minutes via aux connection, when audio has stopped.


Thanks for your quick feedback :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems they changed this for Flare when connected to power it will not auto off.


That’s awesome thanks for the info. Now it is perfect for use with smart home speakers like the echo dot or Eufy genie

That’s right.
I don’t like this.
But I don’t mind, as there is a knob to power off the speaker. :grin:

Yes, that’s the main reason the Boost is NOT Amazon Dot compatible as I discovered in testing!

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Not sure if this would work, but it might be worth a shot… There are YouTube videos that are long periods of silence. Just search for ‘‘10 hours of silence.’’ I had a similar issue with a bad Bluetooth speaker that turned itself off (this was before I started using Anker stuff) and playing one of these videos in the background solved the issue. Hope this helps.

I wonder also if it’s bad to keep the soundboost always connected to a USB power source ,
is it smart enough to cut power enough to avois battery issues after a while ?

You are correct keeping the battery fully charged at all times will lead to premature battery failure. But an option to enable the speaker to stay on when not in use would be good for when the battery eventually dies and you could connect it to a smart speaker like the Amazon echo or Google home.