Any upcoming anker powerhouse promos?

Looking to buy a powerhouse soon. Kinda wished I’d jumped on the $200 off promo a few months back

Same here,had it in my cart last week,didn’t place order,now code doesn’t work for $370 .

Obviously we don’t know exactly when but I’d think within 2 months.

Also bear in mind the design is aging, we are approaching its successor, it was announced for sale April 18th 2016 so its design is before that, so we approach 18 months old design.

At launch it had discounts codes making it $400, so 17 months ago you could get it for $400. It periodically then went up and down as offers appeared and dissappeared. Focusing on the last few months…

IT was $400 in April

IT was $330 in May

It was $370 in July

So if it were $330 3 months ago, do you think it is worth $370 now?

I expect a $300 price and then to become unavailable then the successor out which addresses the reviewer’s concerns.

Do reviewers sell their review units? Looking at eBay sold history, a few weeks after launch a bunch of sellers were selling these for $250-$300 at a gently used or new other condition.

Good question. I do not know.

I have seen way back, that some reviews for other products (don’t recall if Anker products) said “I got the unit to review for a discount” or words to that affect, but I do not know what was the discount they obtained.

Obviously at some time when the price is at $500, you would be more likely to sell a discounted unit.

My best advice is to wait, if you can, either a discount will come about soon-ish, or a better product. If you cannot wait, then you know if a discount arose you had no choice as could not wait, so either way you’ll feel good.

Good advice,be patient 300 sounds good,upgraded version even better . Solar input more versatile. More amps? I wouldn’t buy used 18650’s .trust anker ,guess they use quality cells (Panasonic,lg.) safer and durable.less chance of rewrap clone or no quality control.

I think (in my mind’s eye which is not 100% accurate) that Anker can make a better Powerhouse with a variable voltage DC output so it bypasses the inefficiencies of doing the DC-AC conversion in the Powerhouse to then have a further inefficient AC-DC conversion to the end device (laptop, etc).

Then there is what to do about USB-PD as I think that is the probable future for laptops. SO say a 60W or 100W output USB-PD.

So something like this but done better.

That would make laptop recharging last longer.

I also think Anker can do a better job with serviceable parts. For a typical Anker product costing $10-$30 I think the 18 month warranty is a good balance of cost vs risk but in the $300+ region a bit more serviceability would be a good thing. Most of my $300 investments have screws, teardown guides and an active ebay spare parts market to stretch them into the 3-4 year sort of life.

I have in my mind’s eye a “slot” design where you can slot in 100Wh batteries then the whole Powerhouse can then be flown as it has parts which fall within the 100Wh TSA FAA CAA current common limits. It can then can be assembled on the ground into 400Wh+. Then it can be sold in more countries, currently its lack of ability to be flown limits its sold countries.

Given the Powerhouse is now 17 months in the public, given it was $330 for 2 weeks in May, that another $330 or even lower is quite likely.

But I could equally be wrong as it could just be about to be discontinued with the next product then soon (and initially probably sold at $500 with a time limited discount).

So the only thing you can do is think about the today - do you need it today if so buy it today - rinse and repeat.