Any timeframe on when the EverCams will be available in retail?

Let me preface this by saying, after a little set up issue that was quickly resolved by the support department, I love my EverCams. I got the 2 camera package and they work great. I did have to run some ethernet cable through the house to get the base station in a good spot for where I wanted the cameras, but once that was done it’s been excellent.

All this to say…I want to recommend this product to people and to also buy some more cameras myself. However, I can’t seem to find anywhere selling this retail (like Amazon etc) just yet. I’ve had a few people ask me about my cameras when I show them the app and the quality of the cameras etc, but those who really wanted systems now are looking at competitors like Arlo.

Is there any information about when these systems will be available to those who didn’t back on Kickstarter?


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Great question. I personally cannot wait to purchase additional cameras, and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family, but I can understand why Eufy has not entered “mass production” yet… they are still working on a lot of feature enhancements/improvements, as well as bug smashing, so they probably want to polish it up before going full retail. I would guess there might be infrastructure improvements they want to make as well, before they add so many additional users, since we have yet to see the web portal, cloud storage, etc.

That all said, I would love to hear an official response from Anker!

No official timeframe has been nailed down that I am aware of…the main focus the last I read was getting the Kickstarter orders completed and any additional support issues…perhaps @AnkerTechnical or @AnkerOfficial can confirm?

A little pricey, maybe, but I guess if there is the demand…