Any PowerCore's available for Testing?

I’ve been a power user from quite some time but I haven’t gotten the opportunity to test any of the products
Are there any PowerCore’s available to test?
Would love to try one out

I am right there with you! I am looking forward to testing a phone case, but I like the opportunity to test and review power banks and other types of products as well.

Ditto, would love to test drive one of those.

They do come up occasionally, but not in great numbers I don’t think. I reviewed the PowerCore 20000 when it was available.

As mentioned above they do come out every now and again, I recently reviewed the 10,000mAh PowerCore and then the 20,000 came out a few days after! :smile:

They normally surface every couple of months, from low mAh to higher versions (just nabbed one 26800mAh a few days ago). Number seem limited to around 15 or under as samples on the UK power user (PU) page. You could try dropping them an email to be put on the waiting list if you have been a PU for longer than 3 months.

Thanks for all the replys guys
I’ve been for well over 6 months :confused: so I figured it’s a good time to drop an email over lol
I just saw the powercore+ on the power users page and I felt soo sad cause it was already claimed :’(

Yeah, if your lucky you have around 1hr max to try and nab the samples when they go up, unless it’s something like a screen protector or cable, they normally hang around a bit longer (no doubt more samples on offer)

It’s down to the timing of what anker puts down, I managed to nab a PowerCore 26800 on time for testing