Any possible "programming" of the Bluetooth audio devices?

HI: I use sometimes audio devices for distributed audio performances: I was wondering if there’s any chance to “hack” the device program to perform unusual actions (e.g. skip SD file through Bluetooth, pair more than one device with a source and so on…)
Anybody out there have done it ?
The Soundcore Mini is just the right tool, but i need to modify it a bit … ( hope some good ears are listening me…)

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as far as I know, there is no customized firmware for any Anker Bluetooth devices.
let me know it you can find something or customize/“hacked” it

Be the leader and show us the way :wink:

Never heard of such things, but I’m curious to see what you can achieve !

Not aware of any ‘hacks’ but there are sometimes workarounds. For multi device streaming you ideally need Bluetooth 5.0 but to you can pair/stream to multiple BT speakers using macOS :smile: